Child Safe

Child Safe Standards at Park Ridge Primary School

(From Ministerial Order No. 870)

Park Ridge Primary School is embedding a culture of Child Safety at the school to create and maintain a child safe organisation. The role and responsibility for implementing and monitoring the Child Safe strategies is the Assistant Principal in charge of Administration and Wellbeing, Mrs Carrie Chalmers. Mrs Chalmers can be contacted on 03 9752 8555. The School Community will be informed about the strategies and allocated roles and responsibilities through the school newsletter and information via the school website. School Council has ratified the Child Safe Policy which reflects the requirements of Ministerial Order 870 and outlines the school’s approach to Child Safety. The Child Safe policy and associated appendices and other resources can be accessed below:

Child Safe Policy and Appendices:

Child Safety Policy November 2016

Child Safe Policy Appendix 1 – School Child Safe Definitions

Child Safe Policy Appendix 2 – Our Commitment to Child Safety

Child Safe Policy Appendix 3 – Child Safety Code of Conduct

Child Safe Policy Appendix 4 – Child Safety Risk Management Program

Child Safe Policy Appendix 5 – Identifying and Responding to All Forms of Abuse in Victorian Schools

Child Safe Policy Appendix 6 – Responding to Child Abuse Template for Victorian Schools

Child Safe Policy Appendix 7 – Four Critical Actions – Responding to Incidents, Disclosures and Suspicions of Child Abuse

Child Safe Policy Appendix 8 – A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Report to Child Protection or Child First

Child Safe Policy Appendix 9 – Responding to Allegations of Student Sexual Assault – Compulsory Actions for Principals

Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Inclusion Policy October 2017

Other Resources and links: