Please find school policies below:

After School Care and Combined Program Policy June 2019

Allergies Policy November 2017

Allergies Policy – Appendix 1 June 2017

Allergies Policy – Appendix 2 June 2017

Anaphylaxis Policy February 2019

Animals in Schools Policy August 2018

Assessment & Reporting Policy June 2016

Assessment & Reporting June 2016 Appendix A

Assessment & Reporting June 2016 Appendix B

Asthma Policy February 2019

Attendance June 2018

Behaviour Management Policy March 2019

Bullying Prevention Policy August 2018

Camps Policy August 2017

Camps Policy Appendix 1 – Notification of Camps and Camps Checklist

Camps Policy Appendix 2- Camps and Excursions Risk Assessment Template

Camps Policy Appendix 3 – Information for Parents and Carers Attending Camps

Camps Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) Policy May 2018

Canteen Policy November 2017

CCTV Policy March 2019

Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures March 2019

Code of Conduct Policy October 2016

Code of Conduct Policy Appendix 1 VIT Code of Conduct October 2016

Communicable Diseases Policy May 2017

Communicable disease exclusion

Communication Policy July 2017

Communication Policy – Communication Procedures and Schedule Appendix 1

Community Consultation Policy February 2017

Community Facility Use and Hire Policy February 2019

Community Facilities Use Policy – Appendix 1 – School Council Hire Agreement

Community Facilities Use Policy – School Council Licence Agreement Appendix 2

Concerns and Complaints Resolution Policy June 2018

Critical Incident Plan Policy February 2019

Curriculum Framework and Student Learning Outcomes Statement February 2019

Diabetes Management Policy May 2017

Digital Technologies – Internet Social Media and Digital Devices Policy March 2019

Dogs Policy June 2018

Duty of Care Policy June 2019

EAL Policy June 2017

English Policy June 2018

Epilepsy and Seizures Policy August 2017

Epilepsy Management Plan Appendix 1 – Example Epilepsy and Seizures Policy August 2017

Epilepsy and Seizures Appendix 2 – Student Health Support Plan Policy August 2017

Equal Opportunity Policy Oct 2015

Excursions and Incursions Policy August 2017

Excursion and Incursions Policy Appendix 1 – Notification of Excursions and Incursions and Excursions and Incursions Checklist

Excursion and Incursion Policy Appendix 2 – Camps and Excursions Risk Assessment Template

Excursion and Incursion Policy – Information for Parents and Carers Attending Excursions Appendix 3

Extreme Weather Policy May 2018

First Aid Policy August 2018

Fundraising Policy June 2018

Health Care Needs Policy March 2019

Home Learning Policy June 2017

Inclusion and Diversity Policy June 2019

Junior School Council Policy June 2019

Language Other Than English Policy May 2019

Learning and Teaching Policy September 2016

Mandatory Reporting and Child Protection Reporting Policy August 2017

Mathematics Policy June 2019

Medication Appendix 1 Policy June 2018

Medication Policy June 2018

Mobile Devices May 2019

Numeracy Policy June 2016

Parent Concerns and Complaints Resolution Policy May 2016

Parent Payments Policy June 2019

Parents and Citizens Association Policy March 2019

Performing Arts Policy May 2019

Personal Property Policy May 2019

Photographing Filming and Recording Students Policy August 2018

Physical Education Health and Sport Policy May 2019

Privacy Policy June 2019

Procedures to Maintain Registers Policy August 2017

Privacy Policy - https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Pages/schoolsprivacypolicy.aspx

Refund Policy May 2019

Ride to School Policy March 2019

Safe Environments Policy May 2017

School Council Policy February 2019

School Council Policy Appendix 1 School Council Standing Orders February 2019

School Travel Policy October 2017

Science Policy May 2019

Smoke Free School Policy May 2019

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy August 2018

Student Leadership Policy June 2019

Sun Smart Policy August 2019

Supervision of Students Policy November 2016

Transition Policy March 2019

Uniform Policy Oct 2015

Visitors Policy June 2019

Visual Arts Policy May 2019

Volunteers Policy August 2018

Yard Duty and Supervision Policy – Parents Carers and Students – June 2019