Performing Arts

Wakairri Story Dance Competition

For the past six years Park Ridge Primary school have competed in the Wakakirri Story Dance Competition.  Over a 100 students from years 4, 5 and 6 voluntarily practice for most of Term 2 and 3 in preparation for the performance at the Frankston Arts Centre in August.  Our routine must tell an inspiring story in 7 minutes through dance and movement.  The theme must have an environmental or social element to it.  We have explored ‘Mateship’, ‘Conservation of Water’ and ‘Facing our Fears’, to name but a few.   The students enjoy the challenge and experience of working as a team in creating a cohesive, logical, entertaining item that tells a story.  We have been very successful over the years. We can be proud of our achievements and enjoy the fruits of our hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to the task.

Dance Groups – Fairhills High Dance Fair

Every year the Year 5 and 6 girls enjoy the challenge of choreographing and practising modern dance routines for the Fairhills Dance Competition which is held in late May and June at Fairhills High School.  Most playtimes and lunchtimes are taken up with practices on the podium and at the entrance to the gym.  The girls make up their own dance routines and organise their costumes and hair styles as well.


The choir at Park Ridge Primary School meet every Wednesday lunchtime in the music room.  The children from all year levels are encouraged to attend.  Here they enjoy singing traditional and contemporary songs whilst creating movements that suit the mood and meaning of the songs.  We regularly practice the National Anthem in preparation for the School Assembly every Monday morning.  The choir stand out the front of the assembly and lead the school in the singing of the National Anthem and the school song.

Glee Club

We have had Rochelle working with our students over the past four years and she has been an enthusiastic, organized and dedicated voice instructor.  Rochelle will teach a range of songs, from Musical Theatre to Contemporary music.  The students will be taught to breathe correctly when singing, do warm ups to limber up their voices and also to move with confidence to the songs.  There will be a performance of their developing skills held at the Andrea’s School of Voice concert, with many of the costumes supplied. A notice will be supplied to interested students in Years 3-6 in Term 1 every year.