OSHC Program

Through the Park Ridge Primary School Council, we made a decision to appoint a new Outside of School Hours Care provider at Park Ridge Primary as we continue to refine and enhance the programs and opportunities we provide for our students.

We are excited to announce that TeamKids will be beginning to operate our OSHC program from Term 1, 2020. This means that their services will now include Before and After Care, Curriculum Days as well as Vacation Care now being offered at the school. TeamKids will begin operating the Before and After Care from the first day of Term 1.

We are confident that the extended partnership that we now have with TeamKids will benefit all students, families and the entire school community.

Unique to the industry, TeamKids employs a qualified full-time Director of Service (co-ordinator) at every B&A service.

The Director of Service has two overarching responsibilities, and that is to:

  1. Implement exceptional experiences that are engaging and fun, but also create learning environments that are warm, unique and stimulating, a place where children don’t have to go, they want to go.
  2. Ensure consistency of staff, provide an exemplary level of communication with the children and parents and ensure that we build a strong, genuine relationship with the school and the broader community.

TeamKids values:

TeamKids have set a new standard in the OSHC space. They have a service offering that;

  • Builds parental and student confidence through the quality of outstanding programs
  • Maintains a firm focus on employing Teacher qualified or pre-qualified professionals
  • Creates child-led, tried and tested programs that enrich and extend children
  • Builds long-lasting relationships with our schools and the broader community
  • Provides industry-leading educator-to-student ratios of 1:10.

We are very conscious, and aware that with change can come some uncertainty, and we are confident that the communication and information from TeamKids will help make the transition to this new Program a smooth and successful one. Please look out for further updates in the coming days and weeks as together; we look to support the establishment of a strong partnership with TeamKids and great experiences for our students.

All families will need to register with TeamKids by the beginning of 2020, as your enrolment and bookings with Park Ridge PS OSHC Program cannot be transferred across.

If you have not used TeamKids before then you will need to register your child and add your bookings for Term 1, 2020.

Please go to the website www.teamkids.com.au and select the program and follow the enrolment instructions.

If you have used TeamKids before, please contact their Customer Service Team and they will link your account. You will then just need to add your desired bookings.

TeamKids’ local Customer Service team is always there to help. Please contact their Customer Service team via email info@teamkids.com.au or phone 1300 035 000, press #1 if you have any questions.