Each year, I always get excited with anticipation with the forth coming NAPLAN results. As the Principal of our school, after ensuring a safe and secure learning environment, my role is to provide the best possible academic learning environment for our students. NAPLAN is one data set that our school uses to measure our performance against other schools in the state. Our school has always had a relented focus on providing the highest quality research based education programs in our classrooms. Change takes time. Three years ago we introduced THRASS to our junior school. At that time, our school performed at state level in the NAPLAN spelling test. This year, I am very pleased to say that our Year 3 students SMASHED the test. Our school results exceed the state average by heaps. Our THRASS program is producing excellent results. Also, our current learning focus on maths also showed incredible growth for student in Year 5. 37% high growth is outstanding when you consider that the department only expects a 25% high growth. Our teachers and support staff are extremely dedicated and set extremely high expectations for our students. Our students understand their role in becoming the best that they can be. Persistence, rigour and resilience ensure that our school continues to shine. Also, our reading and writing NAPLAN results showed that our classroom and support programs are making a positive difference to all ability level of all students. Again, in these areas we achieved well above state averages.

Learning Walks

Seventy Principals and Department staff attended our school last week to participate in learning walks with a world leader educational presenter, Lyn Sharratt. It is an honour that our school was selected to host this event with Rowville Secondary College. Feedback from the day was extremely pleasing with the Principals commenting on how engaged and focused our students are in the classrooms. Congratulations to Mrs Gregson for hosting this event in my absence.

Approaching Students

If parents have any issues with students could they please see either the child’s class teacher or a member of the Principal Class team. Parents are not to approach a student to sort out issues or ask for an explanation of a situation that happened with their child. Students being confronted by an adult is quite distressing.