10 Tips From The Alannah and Madeline Foundation

1. Care about the Share

Social media wants you to share as much as you can

bear! But the share should be rare. NEVER share:

passwords, private/personal information, your location.

2. Privacy Matters

If you care about the share, you’ll protect your privacy,

no matter what. Regularly check your privacy settings

on social media, and always think before you post. It’s

amazing where data ends up – usually all over the


3. Respect the Privacy of Others

Treat others’ privacy as you would your own. Ask for

your friends’ permission before uploading photos and

videos of them. It’s not all about you.

4. Keep Everything Updated

Any idea what causes the most security breaches on

the internet? Software that isn’t up-to-date. Seems

crazy simple, but it’s true! Be vigilant about updating

software, including apps, anti-virus and even the

humble browser.

5. Spam

Even with the best anti-spam and malware software

that’s up-to-date – spam is the modern version of junk

mail. It’s everywhere! Learn how to tell the difference

between real emails and messages, and dodgy things

with dodgy links. Sometimes they don’t look so

dodgy always be suspicious of hyperlinks in emails.

6. Control the Troll Within

There be trolls out there – beware! Don’t feed them,

don’t give them what they want: an angry response.

Block/Report the trolls. But also: resist the inner troll.

If you’re not adding something to the debate online,

don’t bother. Don’t be part of the problem.

7. Cyberbullying and Harassment

If you’re being targeted by this kind of behaviour,

know what you can do, and where you can get help.

Visit the National Centre Against Bullying website and

the Office of the eSafety Commissioner’s website.

8. Keep Your Friends Close and Strangers at Arm’s


Do you know how many true friends most people

have? Three. Yup, those four thousand and fifty-two

Facebook ‘friends’ are a combination of acquaintances,

people-you-met-once, people-you-can’t-remember

meeting-once, and probably, some ‘randoms’. They

don’t need to know what you had for breakfast, or

what concert you went to last night, do they?

9. Feel the Flow – Keep Your Life in Balance

Technology is incredible. Gaming, networking, apps

online shopping! But make sure you take time out and

find the right balance for you. Too long on tech can put

the world out of whack.

10. Have Fun, Friend

Always remember to chill out and keep things in

perspective. There’s too much information online to

take it all in! Focus on each moment, and enjoy.