Conversation Starters

How often do the kids get in the car after school and you say,’ How was your day?’ And the reply is ‘good/OK’ then you follow up with, What did you do? And the reply is usually ‘nothing’ As a school that has a strong positive education push, please try some of the conversation starters below and see if you get a different response.

  • What made you smile today?
  • What was the book about that your teacher read?
  • Did anyone do anything silly to make you laugh?
  • What was the best thing that happened today?
  • Did you help anyone today?
  • What are looking forward to at school tomorrow?
  • Don’t you think we are lucky to have Mr Mann as our Principal?

How Our School Improves?

To keep ahead of the learning curve, our teachers are constantly looking at ways to improve their teaching and get even better student learning outcomes. Our teachers are extremely proud of the developments we have made to the curriculum of the past few years. Any whole school changes are research based and trialled extensively by teachers before they are adopted as the ‘Park Ridge’ way. Currently, a group of our teachers are involved in a Department of Education course looking at how teams across the school can drill down into student data to investigate how small changes in teaching can improve student outcomes, Our trial investigation is looking at the impact students’ ability to count has on them being able to recall their tables. My hypotheses was that it was a lack of counting ability that caused students not to be able to recall automatically, however, our initial analysis of our results is that some students don’t make the link between counting  and the table fact. (eg. 2, 4, 6 and 3×2=). We are now investigating where in the curriculum at an earlier stage that we need to emphasis with concrete materials this relationship for students.

2020 Foundation Information Night

Our 2020 Foundation Information Night proved to be

extremely successful with our School Captains, Madison and Brendon giving a detailed account of their time in  foundation and the opportunities that students in our school have as they move through the classes. All 2020 families now have Compass access and can view our school newsletters and up coming transition events.