Foundation Students 100 Days of School

How the time has flown. Last week, our Foundation students celebrated their 100th day at school. In the true Park Ridge tradition, our students and staff dressed up as if they were 100 years old and participated in activities around the theme of 100. It blows me away as to how much our Foundation students grow in their first 100 days of school. Students who come to school not being able to form letters correctly are now writing full sentences with punctuation and correct spelling. Once non-readers, our students are decoding text and understanding what they read. Students are counting beyond 100 and are beginning to think like a mathematician. This progress does not happen by luck, it is due to a very structured school program and an extremely dedicated teaching staff led by Mrs Epstein. I look forward to seeing how the next 100 days pans out for our Foundation students.

Regional Football Championships

A group of very enthusiastic boys attended Bulleen Park for the Regional Football Championships. This is the second year in a row that our boys have made this stage of the competition. Unfortunately after winning the first game, our boys lost the next two games and did not make the finals. To make this level is a great achievement and Mr Davey and the team should be extremely proud of themselves. However, what impressed me the most was the way our boys handled losing. It is easy to be a winner but our boys showed great character by congratulating the opposition, holding their heads high and accepting that sometimes in sport you can’t always win.

Parent Opinion Survey

Thank you to those parents and carers who have completed the 2019 Parent Opinion Survey. The online survey completion data had been extended to Sunday 18 August.

2020 Foundation Information Night

The first of our 2020 Prep Information Evenings will take place on Tuesday 13 August at 7:30pm in the Wentworth Building. This is the beginning of our Kinder to Foundation transition process. On the night we will be introducing our Foundation families to the teaching staff in the school, how our Preptastic program operates and how best parents can assist their child in preparing them for school. This is a very valuable experience and should not be missed. If any parents know of any students who are yet to be enrolled for next year, please encourage them to get their enrolment form in as soon as possible. I have begun the process of planning for 2020 and it is important to know our indicative Foundation enrolment numbers.

School Lockdown

We had a very successful OH&S Lockdown drill at school yesterday. Our new phone system enabled the office to know exactly when each room was locked down.