Divisional Winners

Our Year 6 Boys football team were successful in winning the School Sport Victoria Divisional Championships. In a hard fought encounter, our team defeated a very talented Karoo Primary School team. A team that defeated us twice at the District level. The boys now progress onto the Regional Championships next week.

Brain Learning

A good Working Memory is important for learning. A good Working Memory can hold between four and seven items of information at one time. Focusing on improving our working memory will improve academic performance. How many numbers can you repeat backwards. Get someone to say slowly three digits. Your job is to repeat the digits in the opposite order. If that is easy, try four digits. Eg. 3,6,7,2 → 2,7,6,3. If you can do more than five digits then you are better than most people. Five minutes practice a day for a couple of weeks can do wonders. You will notice that to achieve these results, you need to be focussed, alert and in the zone. A great game to play at home is a memory game where you have to find pairs of cards that are turned face down. If you are unsuccessful, turn the cards back down. For younger students, only use a small number of paired cards.

Parent Opinion Survey

Thank you to those parents and carers who have completed the 2019 Parent Opinion Survey. The online survey must be completed by tomorrow. The results from this survey helps School Council to develop a strategic plan for the school moving forward. The results from the students’ survey was extremely pleasing.

Over the up-coming weeks, Mrs Chalmers will be conducting focus groups with the students to unpack some of the responses from the students.

Two Minute Drop Off

I don’t believe that there is a school in metropolitan Melbourne that doesn’t have issues with parking before and after school. The school worked hard to get the Knox Council to install a Two Minute Drop Off space outside the school. This process only works if parents respect the quick drop off. It has come to my attention that we have a small minority of parents whom are parking in that space and coming into school. This causes a bank up of cars over the school crossing. Don’t be surprised if we see some Council inspectors out and about patrolling Wentworth Avenue. ‘Respect’ is one of our school values. Please observe the road rules to ensure the safety of all members of our community.