Here are some highlights from our I Sea I Care Ambassador’s for the first half of the year.

I Sea I Care

I can’t believe I have the chance to be an ISIC ambassador. I have wanted to be one ever since my sister got it last year and I am so happy now. I think that my most favourite Workshop so far was teaching the preps at a different school in Term 1 because it was our first Workshop and I enjoyed it the most. My favourite non Workshop would be the 5c competition where students had to bring in the most 5c pieces to fundraise for World Ocean Day. I loved how all the people at school really got into it and bought in as much money as they possibly could. But over all out of everything I think that the dolphin swim was my very most favourite because of all the cool sea life we got to see! I also think that my highlights would be the car trips to and from the workshops because then we would be able to talk about all the fun things we did. Also, all the meetings with Mr Merrett we have because we would always work together and make up cool, interesting and funny things.

By Tahlia P

I Sea I Care

What an amazing experience it is to be an I Sea I Care Ambassador. I have had the opportunity to speak to preps not only at our school but also at Lysterfield Primary. We went down to Beaumaris Life Saving Club and looked at different types of marine life, we searched the rock pools for crabs and other marine life. My ultimate favorite activity to do was the dolphin swim. We had to take a boat out to the Chinaman Hut so we could see all the seals. The seals were playful and funny to watch. We were lucky enough to see four dolphins, one of which was a baby who was only three days old. Next, we went to see the weedy sea dragons, we were able to see two amongst the seaweed.

Then we got back on the boat and went home.

By Amy R

My highlights for I Sea I Care

As an I Sea I Care Ambassador, I really enjoy speaking at assembly as it is fun and we get to tell the whole school important information about the program. A highlight for me includes going to the Beaumaris Life Saving Club which was great, as it was very interesting learning about the animals that live in the rock pools. Another amazing part about being an I Sea I Care Ambassador is that we get to organise the fundraising activites, which benefit the animals and we get to go around whole school and talk about I Sea I Care. The biggest highlight for me was the dolphin swim as we saw a baby dolphin, we got to swim with seals and sea dragons, there were a couple of massive ones and my mum came.  I am very proud of being an I Sea I Care Ambassador and thankful that I am on the program, especially with all the new experiences I have had. I can’t wait for our next activities!!

By Tyler H

ISIC Highlights

My main highlight so far in ISIC is definitely the dolphin swim because of the wonderful sea life we saw.  The workshop at Beaumaris Lifesaving club marine education center was amazing with all the sea life beaming in the sea grass and in the giant rock pools. Teaching the preps at our school was great as well.

By Zoe T


‘I Sea I Care’ is a program that helps the kids to realise the importance of protecting the environment.

At the start of the year, we were told that we had an opportunity to become an ‘I Sea I Care’ Ambassador.  We had to win a speech contest. There were five lucky winners and they were: Tyler Amy, Zoe, Tahlia and myself. Together we are the ‘I Sea I Care’ Ambassadors of 2019.

Our first Workshop was at  Lysterfield primary school. The highlights of that were we got to teach preps! They gave us silly answers but funny, for example when we showed them a picture of a seal, one student said: A DOG!

Our second Workshop was the dolphin swim. The best of that trip was we saw baby dolphins! They were so cute! We all had great fun during the rest of the day.

Finally, during our last Workshop we went to Beaumaris Life Saving Club. Our main highlights of that experience were we got to explore the fantastic rock pools.

These have been our Workshops so far.  We still have two more. It is a real pleasure to inform you about our activities to protect the environment.

By Zian W