‘Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day’ – Alice Morse Earle

Riding Bikes in the School Grounds

A school rule is that all visitors to our school must walk their bikes while in the school grounds. This includes students, parents and guardians. School Council, at our last meeting, extended this rule to include before and after school from7:00am to 6:00pm. This extension was needed to protect the safety of OSHC students and workers, school cleaners and staff working before and after school. In recent times we have a number of near misses where students on bikes have nearly collected our school cleaners and teachers exiting their classrooms. If students want to use the basketball facilities after school, they need to walk their bikes through the school, park them in the bike racks before starting to play. And when leaving, walk their bikes to the outside boundaries before riding. The health and safety of students, teachers, ancillary staff and visitors is of the utmost importance.

If your child frequents the school on their bike after school, please reinforce this extension of the rule with your child.

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Park Ridge Primary is a leading government school in the field of Positive Education. The Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) is now embedded in all facets of our students’ schooling. We want our students to develop a growth mindset with regard to their learning potential. With EFFORT, we want our students to realise that they can achieve. It is important for parents to support this concept. Learn to praise the effort. This doesn’t mean praising mediocre effort. Students are quick to see through non genuine praise. When students say that they are not good at something, we, as adults need to repeat their sentence with the word yet at the end. This statement provides hope and potential growth. Are you a growth or fixed mindset individual?

Divisional Cross Country

Five, very enthusiastic students participated in the Divisional Cross Country event at Knox on Tuesday. Tyler C 2nd and Nathan H 4th progress to the Regional Championships at Yarra Glen in a couple weeks. Also, Kalani C 22nd, Luca I 26th, and Jaiden W 22nd performed admirably. A highlight, which showed true resilience, was Luca who lost both shoes during the race and continued without hesitation. Luca showed the true Park Ridge spirit of handling difficult situations with grit and determination.