Practice Makes Permanent

We all want to see our students achieve at school. To ensure that this happens, students need to develop attentional skills, working memory and processing skills. Repetition is essential for learning. Continual practice is essential. That means that students need to read nightly, practice their spelling words regularly and complete home learning tasks weekly. Students need to be able to occupy their own time. I see students being managed 24/7. Downtime is important for students. The brain needs regular repetition to reorganise itself to consolidate learned information.

Open Night

Although the weather was cold and quite unpleasant, a large contingent of parents and students attended our Open Night on Tuesday evening. It was great to see families working through the maths problems in classrooms. A major focus of our teachers’ development this year is to increase our expertise in the teaching of mathematics. We don’t just want our students to know the basics but more importantly, have a deep knowledge of mathematical concepts. Our maths focus is based around the four proficiencies of

Problem Solving

Students who are competent in all of these areas will achieve great maths results. All of the activities that families participated in on the night required a strong element of thinking to solve the problems at hand. It was great to see so many families visiting the specialist areas. We have a great specialist program that engages our students and develop their talents. A huge thank you must go to all of the teachers for their efforts in making the night so enjoyable.