This year we have been running Literacy Intervention lessons for selected students across the school. The lessons are supplemental to good classroom instruction; it is the combination of high quality classroom teaching and small group intervention lessons that enable learners to make accelerated progress, catch up with their peers, and continue to perform at expected levels for the grade. The sessions address comprehension, vocabulary development, fluency practice, phonics and word study and writing about reading. Students’ families are informed of the goals of the intervention and are encouraged to read the Take-Home Book with their child and have a discussion. Most importantly, we want families to enjoy their time together, reading, writing and talking!

We would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to the following parents that have offered their time this year to work with specific students. The teachers are so appreciative of the time you have dedicated to the

students you work with and the support you have offered.

Bela P, Kylie A-S, Kelly B, Laura C,  Bronwyn B, Anna H, Carly S and  Fiona P.

Anna Christofis and Jean Maxwell

Literacy Intervention Specialists