Communication with the School Community

As part of our ongoing reflection and improvement

strategy, School Council has recently discussed and

reflected on how we communicate our school policies to the wider school community.

Our school policies play an important role in outlining the processes, procedures and structures we have in place across the school to support our core business of

improving student learning outcomes.

It is important that all members of our school community are up to date with the content of our school policies and support their implementation across the school.

At Park Ridge Primary School, we have a comprehensive school policy schedule that guides the development of new policies and the updating of all current policies across a three-year cycle. Some of our policies are

updated yearly as they support the core operations of the school. The Review section at the bottom of each of our policies, shows when the policy is next due for review.

After ratification by School Council, all new and updated school policies are currently uploaded to the school

website and are also communicated to staff and students as part of our internal processes.

To improve our communication with members of the school community, we will be including a newsletter item in the weekly school newsletter that immediately follows each of the School Council meetings that are held throughout the year. This item will outline which policies have been updated or introduced in the previous School Council meeting and direct members of our school

community to where they can access and read these

policies on the school website.

As with everything we do here at Park Ridge Primary School, we would love to hear your feedback about our communication, particularly about the work of School Council, our policies and any further suggestions you might have.

The best way to communicate your feedback is either to speak with one of the school’s Principal Team, Mr Mann, Mrs Chalmers or Mrs Gregson, a member of School Council or send an email to the school’s email address:

We hope you enjoy our first School Policies newsletter item!

New and Updated School Policies

Last month, School Council approved a number of updated and new school policies. These included:

Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Mobile Devices

Performing Arts

Personal Property

Physical Education, Health and Sport



Smoke Free School Policy

Visual Arts.

In previous meetings this year, the following policies have also been updated and approved by School Council:

Anaphylaxis Management


Cash Handling

Community Facility Use

Critical Incident Plan

Curriculum Framework and Student Learning Outcomes Statement

Delegation for Signing of Orders

Electronic Funds Management

Emergency Management Plan

Purchasing Card

School Council including School Council Standing


Behaviour Management

Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations

Policy and Procedures


Digital Technologies – Internet, Social Media and

Digital Devices

Health Care Needs

Parents and Citizens Association

Ride to School


All new and updated school policies have been published on the school’s website and can be accessed via the

Policies tab in the Resources section of the site.

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with these

policies and support their implementation across the school.

If you have any questions regarding any of the

above-mentioned or any of our school policies, including their implementation, please feel free to contact me at school on 9752-8555 or phone the office to make an