Welcome Back Term 2

Welcome back to another very productive term of learning. Thank you to the parents who kept an eye out on the school over the holiday period. There was no damage and Richard, our maintenance person, did a wonderful job getting the school looking really neat and tidy.

Developing Optimistic Students

Optimistic students look at the world as glass half full. They ride the ups and downs of life in their stride. They realise that things are not always good but they also know that good times always follow bad. Teachers and parents need to work together to develop resilience and optimistic students. Martin Seligman, a leading world renowned psychologist, believes parents can improve the optimism levels of their children by asking the following three questions to the children when they get home from school.

What did you do really well today?
What did you really enjoy today?
What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

These are much better questions than

Did anyone bully you today?

Did you get into trouble today?

Did anyone play with you today?
Over time, Seligman observed and increase in the levels of optimism in these students who were asked the positive questions. As a ‘positive education’ school we are continually working with our students to develop their skills in this area.

Colour Run

Unfortunately, the weather was not looking very pleasant yesterday for our ‘Colour Run’. In true Rowville style, the wet weather did not live up to the forecasted inclement conditions. But as we have OH&S issues to manage, we believed with the information at hand that this was the best decision. The Colour Run has be rescheduled for next Monday. The long term weather forecast looks very good at this present moment in time.

Reporting Student Absences

If students are not sick or unwell, they need to be at school. The Department of Education has mandated that all schools must report to parents when their child has not attended school on the day of an unexplained absence. There is a clear link between high number school absences and low academic performance. Student absences are monitored monthly by Mrs Chalmers and myself and we are contacting parents to discuss unexplained student absences.

Also, it is important for parents to ensure that students are at school before the 8:45 am bell. This means that students are in classrooms and are ready to learn at 8:45 am. It becomes quite frustrating for teachers when students miss the initial instructions for the lesson and these instructions have to be repeated.

SunSmart Says Get Some Sun for Vitamin D in Winter

Vitamin D is important for general health, in particular bone and muscle health and is largely created in the body as a result of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV levels drop in Victoria from May to August and the SunSmart manager, Sue Heward said it was important to get some UV exposure at this time of the year. ‘We need to get out for some winter sun when UV levels in Victoria generally drop below 3 and UV is unlikely to cause skin damage or contribute in the risk of skin cancer’ Children need to get outside and play during these cold winter months.

2020 Foundation Students

School tours for 2020 Foundation families have commenced. Enrolment forms can be collected from the office. If any of our families have neighbours with children starting school next year, could they please encourage them to organise a tour with myself through the office.