Preparing to Smash a Day at School

To achieve anything in life we need to be prepared.

For students to be successful at school they need to start the day with a healthy breakfast. Much talk is taking place in the media about the amount of processed sugar students are consuming. I’m not a dietician but I urge parents to read the cereal box. You might be alarmed by some cereals’ sugar content.

Next, the BIG ONE. Get to school before the bell. That means in the classroom and ready before the second bell. Learning starts at 8:45 am. Although we have improved greatly in this area, we still have a small group of late comers each day. Missing just five minutes a day equates to missing 16.6 days of school per year. That’s a heap of valuable learning time missed.

Teachers have got the learning organised during the day but students can’t be at their optimal attention levels if they are tired. Students need ten hours of sleep per night. If students are not able to concentrate in class then valuable information will be missed and not retained in the brain. Like well-tuned athletes, our students need to be prepared to smash a day’s learning at Park Ridge Primary School. Students shouldn’t be accessing screens before bed. I’m all for using technologies, however, plan for use before dinner rather than something to be used before bedtime.

Eating a healthy breakfast, being punctual, reducing to nil screen time before bed and getting enough sleep will go a long way to being successful at school.

Easter Raffle

We are now collecting prizes for our Easter Raffle. If each student could donate an Easter egg to the school, the PCA would be able to make over 100 prizes. The raffle will be drawn at our final Friday morning assembly for the term.

Curriculum Days

Our last two Curriculum Days for the year are Monday 18 March (next Monday) and Friday 26 April. Students are not required to attend school on these days.

Second hand Uniform Sale

A large crowd of eager parents were on hand to find a bargain at the Second Hand Uniform sale on Wednesday. Our PCA do a wonderful job selling preloved school uniforms. Money raised from these sales support our students in our school who are in need of extra financial assistance. This Friday morning after assembly, our PCA will be holding its Annual General Meeting for 2019. Please come along and support this extremely important School Council sub-committee group who do a wonderful job raising funds for the school.

Swimming Team

The Park Ridge Swimming Team competed at the District Swimming Carnival on February 17. The team consisted of 25 students across Years 4, 5 and 6 who all represented our school in fantastic fashion. Outstanding performances on the day included Lachlan C and Blake P who came second in 50m backstroke. Luca I who came first in Breastroke, Madi M who came second in Freestyle and Tyler C who came first in Butterfly. These students all competed at the Division finals on March 6 and a further congratulations should go to Blake P who came second once again, and will go on to compete at the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Finals on March 15, good luck! Mr Davey would like to thank all the students who tried out for the team, you all showed tremendous character and can hold your heads up high.