Last year in Term 4, our Year 4’s began raising money for Uniting Wesley Homelessness Youth Support.  The 5 classes each came up with a way to raise funds and promote youth homelessness.  There was an icy-pole stand, nail painting, a second hand book stall and an open night for families with a sausage sizzle.  Over $1800 was raised and the efforts were very much appreciated.  We received this letter of thanks.

Dear Year 4 Students 2018,

Thank you for your donation towards Uniting Wesley Homelessness Youth Support.  It is truly appreciated and will enable our staff and volunteers to continue to provide this important service in the community.

With your support, we empower children, young people and families to learn and thrive.  We’re there for people experiencing homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction or mental illness.  We support people with disabilities to live the life they choose.  We provide people with opportunities to access training and meaningful employment.

Thank you for your compassionate response to the growing need experienced by young people in the community.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Linossier

Chief Executive Officer

Thank you to the 2018 Year 4 Team for making this donation possible and to all the staff and students who supported their initiative.