We Encourage Risk Taking

As learners, we grow by taking risks. Risks that are safe and in a supportive environment. Last week, with our Year 6 students on camp, four of our Year 5 students came forward to read out the awards at our Friday assembly. Sophie, Abi, Chloe and Tahlia stepped out of their comfort zone to present the awards. All four students did a wonderful job. Confident public speaking is a skill we want to instil in all of our students before they leave primary school.

Sensational Artists

An important aspect of our Positive Education program is for our students to identify and develop their strengths. Recently, Mr Hall, our Art teacher, has been working with our Year 6 students to develop their drawing skills. Pictured, is Cassie’s portrait of Caira. A very close resemblance indeed. Our Specialist programs gives all students the opportunity to develop strengths outside the classroom activities of literacy and numeracy.

Foundation Picnic

On Tuesday evening, we had an enthusiastic group of Foundation parents and students attend the annual Foundation picnic. Perfect weather was on hand which added to the success of the night. Our Foundation students relished the opportunity to play on the ‘big kids’ playground. As expected, our new students to Park Ridge have settled in very well to their new surroundings and are flourishing in their classrooms. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to chat with families and hear the positive ‘start to school’ stories. All families were appreciative of the opportunities provided by our Preptastic program to assist their child’s

transition to school. Our school student leaders were on hand to assist with the picnic and our new synthetic grass was a perfect location for a picnic.

Easter Raffle

We are now collecting prizes for our Easter Raffle. If each student could donate an Easter egg to the school, the PCA would be able to make over 100 prizes. The raffle will be drawn at our final Friday morning assembly for the term.

Curriculum Days

Our last two Curriculum Days for the year are Monday 18 March and Friday 26 April. Students are not required to attend school on these days.

Labour Day

Monday 11 March is a public holiday. Students are not required at school on this day.