Year 6 Camp

This week our Year 6 students headed off on Monday to Canberra. Our camping program provides a great opportunity for students to develop their resiliency skills and see first hand information that cannot be presented by teachers at school in the classroom. As I would expect, the feedback from the teachers who are on camp have indicated that our students have been perfectly behaved and we have been receiving many positive comments from the general public about the way our students conduct themselves while out in public. I am sure that our students will have many great stories to tell when they return on Friday.

Child Safety

At Park Ridge Primary School, student safety is always our main concern. As research shows, students learn best when they feel safe and secure. As part of our commitment to child safety, we have collated a range of policies, processes, information and resources which are publicly available on our school website and can be accessed via the Resources and then Child Safe tabs.

I would like to draw your attention to the PROTECT Information for Parents and Carers and the PROTECT Information for Primary School Students documents which might be of interest. The PROTECT Information for Parents and Carers document outlines how you can help protect your children from abuse and provide information on further resources that are available. The PROTECT Information for Primary School Students is a fact sheet for children about knowing how to keep safe, which you may wish to share and discuss with your child/ren.

Parents with any concerns or questions about Child Safety at Park Ridge Primary School should contact Mrs Chalmers who is responsible for overseeing our Child Safety Standards and processes at Park Ridge PS as the Assistant Principal of Wellbeing.

Curriculum Days

Our last two Curriculum Days for the year are Monday 18 March and Friday 26 April. Students are not required to attend school on these days.

Labour Day

Monday 11 March is a public holiday. Students are not required at school on this day

Head Lice Checking

Yes, they are about.  Could parents please be pro-active with the checking for head lice in your children’s hair. To help combat the spread of head lice at the school we have been encouraging parents to check their child’s head regularly, however, this strategy can only be successful if ALL parents get on board and regularly check their children’s hair. Also, we need to encourage students to respect each others’ personal space and make head contact with other children. Transfer of head lice can only occur with head-to-head contact. Another useful tip is for students with long hair to make sure that their hair is tied back. Remember, head lice do not discriminate.