Nightly Reading

Over the past couple of years, our students have made huge improvements with their reading. Many of our students are reading well above the expected level. This impressive improvement is due to teachers thoroughly and explicitly teaching reading strategies to their students and also the increased focus in home reading completed by our students. Students who are good readers have developed great reading habits. There is an expectation that all students (Foundation – Year 6) read nightly for a sustained period of time. Children and parents should be developing a regular nightly reading time routine. Look at your schedule and pencil in the nightly reading routine and stick to it. Reading should take precedent over playing games on the computer.

Research also informs us that dads and significant other male role models can have a huge positive influence in reading performance if they participate in the nightly reading routine. Please spend the time reading to and with your child. This investment will certainly have a positive effect in your child’s learning. Our school expectation is for all students to read at least five times per week. Teachers will be following up with students each week to make sure that this is happening.

Slip Slop Slap

Park Ridge Primary is a Sunsmart accredited school. We require all students to wear a hat while outside in Terms 1&4. Students who do not have a hat must play undercover near the library. Recently, while speaking to the students in their classrooms, I was surprised by the minimal number of students who wear sunscreen. Applying sunscreen and cleaning your teeth should become routine events each morning for students. The consequences for not protecting yourself against the sun could be catastrophic in the years to come.

Assembly Times

Our school assemblies will begin this week on Friday mornings in the Wentworth Building. At our assemblies we acknowledge students who have had an impressive start to school. This week we will also present leadership badges to our Year 6 students.

New Canteen Manager

Our school canteen has a new manager. I would like to welcome Mero to our school and I hope that she enjoys her time with us. I have very high expectations on our students with regards to their behaviour when getting food from the canteen. ’Please and Thank you’ are a must. Students who do not show manners will be asked to go to the end of the line.