Dear Mum and Dad, Please help me to be confident and resilient …

Let me carry my own bag to school.

Let me put my bag & fruit snack away in the morning.

Guide me to change my take home book rather than do it for me.

If I forget something please don’t race home and get it for me – there is always tomorrow!

Please remember that at times I will have conflict with my friends – this is really normal and a part of growing up. Sometimes I might just need to talk about it with you and get emotional support.

If I am tired after school and have a meltdown remember lots of people cope this way, and there is nothing to worry about – I have just been on my best behaviour all day!

Let me make my own breakfast (even in Foundation I can get out the cereal and milk!)

Let me make some of my own lunch (with some guidance if I am making unhealthy choices)

Let me clean up after breakfast / dinner – if I can use a iPad, then I can clean up!

Please allow me to make mistakes without upsetting you as I need to explore the world myself with some guidance from you.

Please give me a chance to solve problems on my own – it’s the only way I can build resilience.

Please give me lots of time to just play each day (without technology) so I can relax, be active, be creative and build independence.

Please let me explore the world and follow my own interests!

Thank you!