On Monday this week our school leaders, Jess, Matthew, Ash and Aaron we went to visit The Fields and Park Ridge Pre School to teach them about Science.  We used bi-carb and vinegar to make a balloon ‘blow up’.  When the bi-carb and vinegar combined it made a chemical reaction which caused the balloon to blow up.   The kinder students helped make predictions and eagerly watched the experiment, becoming scientists themselves.

We split the groups into two and began the next activity.  The first group read a story and were taught about ‘Brain Breaks’ and the second group made ‘Pom Pom Rockets’.  We had two different size pom poms and they needed to experiment with which size was better to launch.  After all the children had made their rockets we had a competition to see which pom pom flew the furthest?  Was it the bigger or the smaller pom pom I wonder?  What do you think?