Wellbeing Wednesdays

It is very easy to forget to take the time to relax when we are busy.  Knowing how to relax and what relaxes us, is very important because our muscles need time to recover, and our brains need time to settle and to practise focussing.

Students will make a list of the activities you do that help them relax and think of the things that make them feel calm and peaceful.

Send a Solider a Christmas Care Package

Thank you to all those students and families who have donated items to make care pack for our soldiers.  It is a great opportunity and time for our students to think of others and give generously.

Valet Service

There will again be our Valet Service.  This will involve a number of our Year 5 students who will be greeting parents and students at the school entrances to carry bags and escort your students to their classrooms for you.  Look out for these very eager students waiting to help you out.