Assistant Principal News

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Next week we will continue with being mindful.   Making time to stop what you are doing to notice the things you can feel, smell and hear in your surroundings is another way of practising mindfulness.  Mindfulness helps us to stop, breathe and focus on the present.  Practising this technique can help us to be calmer and more self-aware, which in turn, helps us to perform tasks better, and cope with daily challenges.

Send a Solider a Christmas Care Package

Last week we mentioned about thinking of others.  Many soldiers will not be home with their families whilst on duty to make our country what it is today.  We are asking each class to donate items to fill a shoe box to post to an active soldier.  Items may include: body wash, nice soaps, hair products, body scrubs, biscuits, a Christmas decoration etc.  These are items not available to the soldiers whilst deployed.   Classes will chat about what can be included as gifts and if we can make 27 boxes, 1 from each class, this will be much appreciated by our defence forces and make ourselves feel good for helping others.