During the last week of this term and for the first 3 weeks of next term, all students will be participating in a gymnastics program in their weekly Physical Education lessons. Sessions are designed to be fun, active and safe. Students will participate in activities that are designed for their ability level. Activities are designed to foster the development of safe landings, body awareness, spatial awareness, strength, balance, flexibility and agility.

Activities may include basic rolls (egg rolls, log rolls, forward rolls, etc…), cartwheels, swinging, balancing, jumping (both on the floor and on a mini-trampoline), and various strength activities.

Could I please ask you to consider the following safety rules when sending your child to school on a day when they have P.E.

Shoes and socks off  – Students will be required to remove their shoes and socks just prior to the start of the session. During sessions students will be performing a variety of activities that require them to have their hands, their feet, or both on the ground. Shoes are removed at the start of the sessions for the safety of the other students in the session. Having your hand stepped on by a shoe hurts! Socks are removed as they slip on the mats (please do not wear stockings instead as these will have to come off to ensure your safety).

No Jewellery / Watches / Badges - Necklaces can get tangled in equipment, watches often get caught and break their strap, etc…

Long hair tied back - It’s no fun to get your hair tangled around a bar or stuck in a trampoline spring.

No Dresses Please! - Students will be performing activities that may involve going upside down. Students don’t like having their underwear on show.

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Thanks for your cooperation,

Matt Davey & Leah Docherty