Talking Tactics

A yearly event on the school calendar is the Year 6 Talking Tactics Together night. Again, this year, our students performed admirably and provided their parents with many strategies and information when dealing with drugs. We had a very enthusiastic turn-out of parents with over 80 parents in attendance. What makes this night so important is the fact that the students are the presenters. Our teachers provided the educational vehicle and it’s the students who take the active role on the night. The students have spent much time researching body mapping – learning about the effects of drugs on the body, talking tactics –learning refusal techniques to help in situations where you may feel pressured and harm minimisation – identifying unsafe situations and strategies to minimise harm. This year, I spoke to the audience about the importance of opening lines of communication with your child, how the adolescent brain operates with alcohol and the importance of role modelling in developing positive attitudes towards drugs. A huge thank you must go to the Year 6 team for their efforts in preparing the students in such a professional manner. Here are some useful numbers and websites for parents to access to give them more information about this important topic.

Knox City Council Youth Services 9298 8469