Look for good and you will find it!

Science tells us that when you spread good news:

• It makes you happy.

• It makes other people happy.

• It creates an uplifting feeling.

• It inspires other people to do good things too.

Instilling a positive approach through intentional actions is a useful life skill and beneficial for the wellbeing of students, schools and communities.  So, look for the positive moments that are all around you.  There is positive evidence everywhere.

At Park Ridge Primary School, we have introduced ‘Values Spies’.  This is a wellbeing and positive education initiative designed to enhance the positive resources of students by asking them to look for the good in their environment, relationships and in themselves.  These ‘Values Spies’ focus on what is going well in the school yard and what school values are being displayed.  Park Ridge values are Respect, Integrity, Positivity, High Expectations and Resilience.  Our ‘Values Spies’ roam the playgrounds on the look-out and are ready to acknowledge acts that demonstrate our school values.  One of these acts that were noticed was simply a student walking past a piece of rubbish and rather than keep walking as it was not theirs, they picked it up and put it in the bin.  The value displayed, integrity, doing the right thing even when we think no-one is watching.

By focusing energy into seeing the good in their world, students increase their own capacity for happiness and for those around them.  The program builds on experiences of gratitude, savouring and kindness to foster a student’s self-awareness about their ability to seek good in their life.  They will also learn that by spreading good news and positive stories they can enhance positive emotions in themselves and in others.