Park Ridge Primary School, School Council is introducing a more efficient and easier payment system for Out of Hours School Care.

This system is linked to the OSCH Qikkid system called Qikpay.  This new way of payment will show instantly on your statement along with your child’s attendance in the program.  The majority of OSHC facilities are using this system to manage payments with great success.  You are able to choose the following ways to pay:



4 weekly


Choice the day of the week to pay

or day of the month

This new system will be commencing on Monday 13 August.  All previous forms of payment that you have been using will not be available after this date.  This new system will give back valuable time for Belinda and Ebony to spend with students instead of attending to administration tasks.

The new payment form will be sent home via email and returned by Friday 27 July.

If you need any further information regarding this new payment system please see Belinda Kirby or David Mann.