Another busy term has come and gone. I think that it is important to stop occasionally and reflect on what we have achieved. Our implementation of the THRASS program continues to gain momentum and we are seeing students in all year levels attacking difficult spelling words with better spelling choices. The teaching of reading comprehension across the school is now totally aligned. We have an agreed pedagogy. Our next school curriculum investigation is how mathematics is taught across the school. Although our student achievement data is very good in comparison to State results, I believe we can improve our delivery to ensure that our students are analytical mathematical thinkers who have the capacity to solve difficult mathematical concepts. The tone and feel in classrooms and the yard continues to be very positive indeed.

Although school is in recess for the next two weeks, hopefully, you can encourage your child to continue to read daily and spend some time outdoors. I came across an interesting quote recently about entertaining children. ‘Less Screen and More Green’

Parent Teacher Interviews

Research shows that parents who take a strong interest in their child’s learning at school produce a child who achieves to their full potential. I hope that parents and carers find the Parent Teacher interviews a valuable experience and get a great snapshot of how their child is progressing a school. I would expect that all families  have an interview with their child’s teacher. I have asked teachers to follow up with any parents who do not attend interviews.

Student Reports

Thank you to all the families who accessed their child’s report on the Compass Platform. Much time and effort goes into writing these reports by the teachers. As Principal, a major focus of looking at the reports is the determining how much growth the students have made in their learning over one school year. I expect students to make at least twelve months of growth. It’s great when students have a light bulb moment and everything clicks together and more than twelve months growth occurs. When growth is not progressing as we like, we then need to analyse the causes. Long absences from school, lack of motivation, poorly targeted curriculum or lack of effort can be attributed to low growth. Any students who are not growing at the rate we like will be receiving an Individual Learning Plan. Please remember that low growth is different to low achievement. Bright students can exhibit low growth.