Education Week Open Night

Our Education Week Open Night was a great success with hundreds of parents and children visiting our classrooms and enjoying the exciting activities, which our students are experiencing to enhance their learning.

The vast majority of parent feedback reported that the night was ‘Very Interesting’, with parents and students writing comments such as:

‘It was very exciting, great, spectacular!’

‘Excellent night, enjoyed by parents and children!’

‘Park Ridge nights are always a pleasure to come to, because everything is interesting.’

‘I love the fact that coding is being introduced to the children. Any technology that assists with this is great.’

‘This was great! Nothing like this at previous schools.’

‘I loved open night because I can show my dad what I do at school and every activity was really fun!!!’

‘Well done to all teachers and students. An awesome effort!’

We had over 150 feedback sheets put into our Robot Box and the winner of the Botley Robot and Activity Set, valued at $140, will be drawn at tomorrow’s assembly. This exciting prize has been kindly donated by Modern Teaching Aids who supply most of our robotics equipment. Making links with businesses such as this, allows Park Ridge to keep abreast with the latest technology available to schools.

Thank you for participating in the Technology and Learning Open Night!