Year 3 Camp

Last week, we sent over 70 students to the Year 3 Phillip Island camp. As I would expect, our students were superbly behaved and enthusiastically participated in the outdoor adventure activities. This year I journeyed down to camp to see first-hand our students in action. The adventure activities are extremely suitable for the age level of our students. Camps provide a vehicle for students to develop their resilience, social and problem solving skills.  I would like to thank the teachers and parents for giving up their valuable time to attend the camp. This year, our teachers have produced a camp video highlighting the students in action. I am hoping to show this video at assembly on Friday.Something for all parents to ponder. These Year 3 students were able to keep their rooms tidy and their clothes neatly packed away without adult intervention for the entirety of the three day camp. Does your child have the responsibility at home of keeping their bedroom tidy? They certainly have the skills required to do it. It is all about high expectations.