I Sea I Care News

On Wednesday 2nd of May our I Sea I Care Ambassadors did their Peer Teaching sessions with our Foundation students.  The following day they attended their Workshop at the Beaumaris Life Saving Club.

I loved going rock pooling and all the activities were great.  My favourite was rock pooling and thank you Karli for taking us. Charlotte H

My favourite part was on the 2nd of May when we taught the Preps.  It was super fun because all the Preps loved it so it pushed us to be better in every other class. Maddy M

My favourite activity at the workshop was rock pooling because we saw tiny creatures.  The thing I most enjoyed while teaching was the boxes full of rubbishAmber P

Last week I went to Beaumaris Life Saving club to do an I Sea I Care workshop. I really loved the rock pooling because we got to see lots of cool crabs, jelly fish and shells. My favourite thing that I learnt about that lives in the ocean is Sea GrassJordy P

On Thursday the 3rd of May we went to Rickett’s Point to learn more about dolphins and litter.  We went rock pooling for an hour and we found crabs, fish and shells.  We were the only group to find a sea star.

Once that was over we went to go and collect rubbish off the beach.  After that we went to go and look for dolphins through binoculars which was a lot of fun.  A short while after that we went downstairs to go and look at tiny creatures.

On Wednesday the 2nd of May we went around to all of the Foundation classrooms to teach them about sea life.  The second activity was beach combing.

The last activity was finding dolphin food in boxes full of rubbish.  We would like to thank all of the Prep teachers for letting us teach them, Belle and Taj for taking time out of class to come and video us and Karli, (Jordy’s Mum) for taking us to the workshop.