Literacy News

This term the Year 3 students have been working on writing strategies to help them improve the quality and vibrancy of their narratives.

These strategies help the reader visualise so you can ‘step into the story’.

I have included some wonderful work from our students to highlight the talented writers we have at Park Ridge.

Show Don’t Tell Strategy

‘His face was as ripe as an overripe tomato.  It looked like he was going to blow!  It felt like the room was getting hotter every second that went by.  All the stuff he said was as loud as a cannon.’

Bailey A

‘Liam’s face was as red as a chilly.  He stamped his feet as loud as a balloon could burst.  He snapped his teeth together and screamed as loud as fireworks.’

Alyssa S

Vivid Verbs

‘The children screeched as the dead bird plopped into the classroom’

‘The boy dawdled to the finish line.’

Isabelle D

Anna Christofis – Literacy Learning Leader