Seven Ways to Help Parents be on Top of Their Game

I believe that the art of good parenting is probably one of the most difficult skills to master. Listed below is an extract from an article by Michael Grose, parenting expert, that might get you to develop your parenting skills. Everyone wants to be the best parent they can be, yet it is confusing knowing what to focus on.

Give the Gift of Restraint. Just because you can afford to give your children what they want, doesn’t mean you should. Differentiate between a want and a need, and encourage restraint, goal setting and saving.

Build and Develop Knowledge. You need to keep one parenting eye on meeting kids’ current needs and the other on preparing them for the next stage of development.

Reinforce Self-Regulation. Children need to be able to occupy their own time, wait their turn and follow family rules.

Practise Digital Parenting. Parents need to be digital savvy. The internet is fun and it’s here to stay but it can pose some risks for parents. Digital parenting means providing guidelines for safety without limiting children’s opportunities to learn and communicate in the on-line world. You need to understand the digital world that your child inhabits.

Develop Character Strengths in Children. Studies have shown that character, not cognitive ability is the single most reliable determinant of how a person’s life will turn out..

Practice Reciprocity. ‘We help each other out and we treat each other fairly’ builds belonging and forges greater kinship between siblings. Children helping out around the home is a great place to start.

Encourage Social Risk Taking. Children need to practice meeting and speaking to new friends. Allow your child to mix in a variety of social environments. Scouts, dance classes, soccer etc are great places to practice this skill and forge new friendships.