School Colour Run4Fun


This year for our Colour Fun Run we will be kicking off the event with Mel Kuys.

Mel Kuys plays in the AFL Women’s League, for Collingwood, and is predominantly a midfielder, but moved to the wing last year.  She has played football for the last 20 years, starting at Rowville Hawks.  Mel had to move around teams as there were not many girls teams around and for the last few years has been captain of the team at Box Hill Hawks.  Mel has won more than 6 Premierships flags and looks forward to meeting you all at out Colour Fun Run!

A reminder to all, every student needs to return a consent form to participate in the event.  If you do not wish to participate in the COLOUR please tick yes to the Fun Run and add a note indicating you do not want to be included in the colour part of the Fun Run.  There will be 2 lanes for students to run through, one with colour and one without.  Please note, school uniforms are NOT to be worn on the day.  Students may come in sportswear or wear a plain t-shirt to enjoy the coloured powder!