Curriculum Planning for Term 4

At the end of each term, our teachers work together in their Year Level Learning Teams to plan for the coming term. Purposeful collaboration between our teachers in each Learning Team across the school ensures the implementation of the same comprehensive learning experiences and lessons for all students. Our teachers have a shared commitment to working together to challenge and support each other to deliver high quality teaching and learning in every classroom. I am very excited about the curriculum programs they are designing to be implemented next term and I am sure our students will enjoy the learning experiences they have designed for them.

In preparation for our Term 4 Positive Education programs, our teachers spent Tuesday afternoon revisiting the content of the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) Engagement Domain. The BSEM underpins our Positive Education program throughout the school, which includes the domains of Body, Character, Stamina, Engagement and Relationships. For more information on the lessons teachers worked collaboratively to create, see Mrs Chalmers’ Assistant Principal’s section of this week’s newsletter.