Digital Technologies

This week the Year 6 students have had a great time learning about robotics. They have started using Edison Robots and learnt how to control them using barcodes to program the robots to follow a line, bounce off borders, avoid obstacles and to obey clap commands. The students worked in small groups so that they could help each other and debug programs. We all have experienced times when technology has not behaved as we have expected so being able to solve problems and make modifications is a vital skill. By actively using these robots, the students have gained a better understanding of how robots in the real world operate. Did you know that Amazon efficiently fills their millions of orders using robots to retrieve items by following line markings and barcodes on the warehouse floor, and obstacle avoidance programs to stop running into each other? Computers in cars use sound sensors, similar to those of the Edison Robot, to detect problems with their engines misfiring so as to prevent damage. Next week, the students’ knowledge will be built upon by learning how to program the Edison Robots to follow a light source and be controlled by infra-red remote control, while in the future they will use an ipad app to create their own algorithms or programs to control the Edison Robots. At Park Ridge Primary School we a committed to equipping our students with the skills and computational thinking needed for the jobs of tomorrow.