Principals Desk

Thursday, December 13th, 2018

Again, this week, we have been extremely busy. Teachers have been working in their 2019 teams planning for Term 1. We will be having three new staff join us in 2019 and it has been great having them available at school to work, plan and prepare for a very successful 2019. With Christmas shopping (something I haven’t yet started), Christmas functions (remember to start a new fitness program after Christmas), meetings and the many other things we have to do at this time of the year, we sometimes forget to STOP and reflect on our past achievements. We have had a great year! We should be very proud of our school and the students who work so hard to improve their performance. Our parents are incredibly supportive.

When visiting our Foundation classes, I am often reminded of what amazing learning growth looks like. How a student can arrive at school at the beginning of the year only being able to scribble write and now writes two to three pages of text with correct spelling and neat handwriting is so impressive.

Park Ridge Primary is a great school achieving great outcomes.

Last Day of School

Students will be dismissed from school on the last day (Friday 21 December) at 1:15pm. Weather permitting, we will be holding a final assembly at the podium at 12:55pm.  At our assembly, we will say farewell to the Year 6 class of 2018 and recognise our award winners from our Graduation.

Moving Day

To prepare for 2019, many of our classrooms have moved to accommodate the 2019 room structure. This information was forwarded to parents via Compass on Wednesday. Students will be working in their new classrooms for the rest of the year.

For the Diary

Next year school begins on Thursday 31 January for all students in Years F-6. Students will process directly to their new classrooms.

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Whole School Christmas Concert

What a night!

The weather played its part and the students were magnificent. The night started off with the PCA cooking 300 chicken burgers and 400 sausages for the hungry crowd in record time. All of our PCA chipped in to ensure that the concert would start on time. All class performances were extremely well rehearsed and confidently performed.  Feedback from parents indicated that they had a great time and they loved the format of the night. Outdoor concerts are very weather dependant but looking at the excitement on the faces of the students, well worth it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Marget and our teachers for ensuring that the night ran smoothly and the students were prepared. I would also like to congratulate, Jessica and Mathew for the wonderful job they did hosting the night. And lastly, to the small group of teachers who choreographed the staff dance item, I would like to thank them for their efforts in pulling off such a wonderful item. I don’t believe it will result in a career change for any staff but it was certainly a heap of fun.

Barry Plant Scholarship Recipient

This year’s recipient of the Barry Plant Scholarship for Rowville Secondary College is Amelia G. Amelia  received her award at Monday’s presentation night at Rowville Secondary College. Amelia is a deserving winner who always gives a 100% effort in everything she applies herself to at school. A quiet achiever.

Boys’ State Rugby Finals

This year, our Year 6 students have achieved great results in Regional and State School Sport Victoria events. Again, our rugby boys participated in the SSV State Rugby finals in Broadmeadows last week. Superbly coached by Mr Davey, our boys performed admirably. We finished fifth overall. A great achievement for our school.

New Transition Process

Next Friday students will begin the first of three transition experiences at their new Year level. The first session will be a whole year level meeting where students will be given a taste of what to expect next year.  The next two sessions will take place in Week 11 where they will meet their new class teacher for 2019. We all handle change in different ways. It is important for parents to talk up the positives of entering a new grade level. Provide an environment where your child believes that you know that they have the confidence and ability to thrive in 2019. Classes have been formed and are in the final stages of checking by administration. Students will find out their 2019 teacher in Week 11.

Being resilient is always a focus at our school. We can survive school without our best friends by our sides.

For the Diary

Next year school begins on Thursday 31 January for all students in Years F-6. Students will proceed directly to their new classrooms.

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Foundation Information Night

On Tuesday night, we held the second of our Foundation Information Nights for 2019 Foundation parents. Again, this year we decided to change the format of the evening. This year, two of our Foundation students hosted the evening. Firstly, Zavier S, from F-06, welcomed the parents and introduced myself to the audience and capably THRASS my name. Next came Kellence K from F-06, who gave an account of life in her first year of school. Kellence went into much detail explaining the various aspects of life as a new student. Both students did a fantastic job and demonstrated that we certainly have some excellent students in our school. Mrs Epstein then went into how the school and home can work together to develop a resilient child. At the end of the formal part of the evening, the parents were invited to meet with the 2019 child’s classroom teacher in their new classrooms. Feedback from parents on the night suggested a very successful and productive evening. I am sure that our Preptastic program will put all of our new Foundation students in good stead for school life at Park Ridge Primary School.

SSV Academic and Sporting Achievement Medal

Isabelle C, from Year 6, was this year’s recipient of the School Sport Victoria Academic and Sporting Achievement Medal. The medal is awarded to a student who is strong in both sporting and academic pursuits and Isabelle displays strong athletic qualities as well as high academic achievements. Well done Isabelle!

Wednesday Well Being Initiatives

Each week, Mrs Chalmers has organised a well being initiative to take place on Wednesday’s for the entire term. This week we had a group of dedicated Year 5 students perform a valet service for our younger students. Our valets carried school bags and walked younger students to class. We are very hopeful that selfless acts like this help all students to feel safe and accepted at our school.

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

School Swimming Program

The Department expects that all students should be able to competently able to swim fifty metres by the time that they leave primary school. This year, with government assistance, we have been able to offer a nine day intensive swimming program for students in Year 1, 3 & 5. Now, into the second week of the program, we are starting to see the benefits of daily practice. Students are improving their confidence in the water and their swimming ability. The program at Paul Sadler Swim School is superbly organised and their teachers are friendly competent and extremely patient. Apart from the improvements in swimming, our students are learning important social skills of being able to change themselves independently (Year 1), look after their own belongings (All students) and focus on a task for a period of time. Mr Davey should be congratulated for organising this important school event. Feedback from the students attending the program is also very positive. Although, we want our students to be competent swimmers, it is still important to remember that ALL children need to supervised by an adult around water, whether they are competent or not.

Knock Em Over Competition

A highlight of the Year 6 school year is the Term 4 ‘Knock-em-Over’ competition in the gym at lunchtimes. Students form their own teams and compete against fellow students and a teachers’ team. It might be worth mentioning that the male staff team is undefeated in the past three years. I know that the students are only twelve, but winning is still winning. All games are played with great enthusiasm and respect of the opposition. Modelled behaviours of shaking hands at the end of the game and playing by the rules where players themselves determine whether they are out or not makes this event so worthwhile.

Thursday, November 8th, 2018


Does your child possess ‘GRIT’. Not the stuff you might find on the soles of their shoes but an inner drive to succeed. Recently, I came across an article by Carol Dweck who believes that IQ is not a reliable measure for school success but rather whether students have the character strength of ‘grit’. Grit is the ability to apply yourself on a task until you get the job done. How many people do we know who we went through school with, who may not have been the brightest (academically) but they have become quite successful in life. I am sure that they possessed the character strength of ‘grit’ We need to ensure that our children have the opportunities to develop passions, whether it be dancing, playing a sport, learning an instrument or developing an academic talent. Passions, I believe develop ‘grit’. Also, another success measure is the ability to keep on task for a period of time without distractions. A Year 3 student should be able to keep on task for 20 minutes and for each additional year it increases by 10 minutes.  Does your child have opportunities to focus on a task for a period of time (this doesn’t include television watching and technology game playing)?

Election Day BBQ

Having the opportunity for our school to be used as a Polling Booth for State and Federal elections provides us with a great way to raise extra funds for our school. PCA are looking for helpers to cook the BBQ for the upcoming election on Saturday 24th November. If you feel you could spare some time it would be much appreciated. It can get quite busy, so any help we get makes a huge difference.

Whole School Christmas Concert

After the great success of the whole school Christmas Concert over the past two years, another one has been organised for Wednesday 5 December. The concert will be outdoors, starting at 5:45pm. Pre-ordered food will be available from 4:30pm. This concert will give our whole community the opportunity to come together and celebrate the musical achievements of our students. The

location of the concert will be situated on the school oval. Fingers crossed that the weather will be fine. Please put this date in your diaries. More information will follow shortly.

Classes for 2019

Thank you to the families who returned a student placement request for 2019. Teachers now begin the process of developing 2019 classes. I will be contacting families whose request were are unable to accommodate.

Remembrance Day

Junior School Council will again be selling poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day. Junior School Council members will be visiting classes to sell poppies.