Thursday, October 17th, 2019


Our Year 4 All Star Girls Hoop Time team competed at the Regional Championships last Friday at Dandenong Stadium. The girls started like a house on fire, defeating St Patricks PS and Park Orchards PS by 20 points each. They lost their third game in a nail biter by 2 points to Pakenham Lakeside PS before the wheels fell off in the fourth game vs Hillsmeade, going down by 10 points. This meant we finished 3rd in our group and had earned the right to compete in a State Qualifier against St Anne’s who finished 2nd in their group. The equation was simple, win and we go through to state. It was a close game, too close in fact with the scores level at the end of regulation time, forcing 3 minutes of over-time. After giving up the first basket, the girls fought back from behind to claim a 3 point victory and progress through to the State Championships. I couldn’t be more proud of what Bec J, Milly B, Talia H, Katalinah T, Kaylee C, Jordynn H and Maya M have achieved. Their work ethic at training each week is

complimented by their friendly nature and love of basketball to make a truly

extraordinary team. I’d like to thank Adam Bull for coaching the team and the rest of the parents who came down to support. Good luck on the Monday 25 November!

Matt Davey

Physical Education Specialist


Thursday, October 10th, 2019


Over the first weekend of the holidays, star athlete Harry C of Year 6 represented Team Victoria at the

National Track and Field Championships in Darwin. He is recognised as one of the fastest runners in the state and was selected in the 200m and Medley Relay events. It is my pleasure to announce that Harry and his medley relay team have gone back to back in 2019, once again taking out the gold medal – what a fantastic achievement. He backed up this effort with a fantastic performance in the 200m to

finish 10th overall in Australia. It’s not often you have a national champion come through the school doors so

congratulations Harry, keep up the hard work and we all look forward to seeing what you can achieve in the future.

Physical Education

As our Gymnastics program comes to a close, I would like to thank Gary Black and his team at Gymnastics 4 Hire for their support in providing resources and equipment to Park Ridge. It is pleasing to be able to offer this program free of charge to our students and families.  As you can see the students have had an absolute ball! Here are some happy snaps from the unit.


Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Wellbeing Wednesday Student Valet Service

During Term 1 this year we offered a Valet Service and with the lovely weather approaching we would like to offer this again to you and your child.

What is the Valet Service?  This is a service offered by our Year 5 and 6 student volunteers who will be greeting parents and students at the school entrances to carry bags and escort your children to their classrooms for you. They will chat with your child about their day, building positive relationships across the school and will help to set your child up for a positive school day.  This service will be running every Wednesday until the end of the term.

First Aid in Schools

In 2019, The St John Ambulance First Aid in Schools Program is delivering free First Aid training to 200,000 Victorian Primary School Students at no cost to schools or parents. So far, St John have taught more than 731,000 children, and Park Ridge Primary School are excited to be a part of this program.

The knowledge and skills gained in the St John First Aid in Schools Program will develop First Aid awareness in your child.  Each session is 45 minutes and will be run on Thursday 31st October.

The sessions will cover the following:

DRS of the DRSABCD – Foundation

Students learn how to spot DANGER in an emergency, RESPOND accordingly and SEND for help. They will be guided on what number to call and act out a scenario to get them comfortable calling 000 in real life. By the end of the program, students will leave with essential skills and knowledge which they can call upon in an emergency situation.

Cuts and Grazes Module – Year 1 & 2

Explores a range of first aid scenarios familiar to children and provides them with a hands-on, practical solution which they can apply in real life. They will learn whether getting a cut or graze is an emergency and if it isn’t, what to do. An interactive session with hands on training in how to properly clean and dress a cut or graze, identify infection in wounds and how to apply pressure to a wound bleeding uncontrollably.

Bites & Stings Module – Year 3 & 4

This module will explore how to safely respond to minor bites/stings using a cold pack or life-threatening bites/stings using pressure immobilisation. The main focus of this module will allow students to demonstrate how to apply a pressure bandage and immobilisation techniques for life threatening bites/stings (e.g. snake bites, funnel web).

Anaphylaxis Module – Year 5 & 6

Teaching them the difference between an allergic reaction and anaphylaxis, this module raises awareness regarding common triggers for potentially life-threatening reactions, as well as the signs and symptoms to look out for. Students receive EpiPen training and in a mock scenario practice injecting their classmates with an EpiPen.

Burns Module

Students learn how to correctly treat and care for different types of burn injuries. They will learn about the skin and its function and how burns affect the skin and other body tissues. Burn remedies to avoid is covered as well as correct treatment methods to reduce pain, minimise permanent damage and scarring.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact your child’s classroom teacher.


Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Junior School Council have voted and would like to host a ‘CRAZY HAIR DAY’ this term. The last time we had a Crazy Hair day at Park Ridge PS was when our current Year 6 students were in Foundation themselves. Our JSC would like to donate our gold coins to State School Relief.

State Schools’ Relief is a not for profit organisation that supports the needs of underprivileged Victorian government school students by providing new school uniforms, shoes and educational resources. They work side by side with all Victorian schools to ensure that any students facing hardship have the necessary clothing and appropriate footwear for school.

Growing up is hard enough, yet thousands of Victorian children go to school each year without warm clothing and good quality shoes.

Park Ridge PS’s CRAZY HAIR day will be held on Wednesday 23 October.


Thursday, September 19th, 2019


Yesterday was the Knox Division Athletics Carnival and we had 14 students qualify in various events. Well done to the following students on some outstanding performances. They have qualified to compete at the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Finals next term.

Zarah M 2nd place in 1500m and 800m

Sonny S 2nd place in Discus

Tom S, Brendon G, Nathan H and Harvey F 2nd place in

4 x 100m Relay

We also a couple of great efforts from kids who only just missed out on going through to the next stage with Tyler C 3rd in 1500m, Miller R 3rd in Hurdles and Josh P 3rd in Discus.

Speaking of SUPER ATHLETES, our very own Harry C from Year 6 is currently representing Victoria at the National Track and Field Championships in Darwin this weekend. He is competing in the 200m and Medley Relay events. Good luck Harry and we can’t wait to see how you go.

Matt Davey

Physical Education Specialist