State Football Finals

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Our boys’ AFL football team will compete in the School Sport Victoria State Football finals next Wednesday. They have made the final eight and will represent the Eastern Metropolitan the finals. On behalf of the school I would like to wish them the best of luck.

Rotary Speeches

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Public speaking is a fear many adults have. At Park Ridge we ensure that ALL students get the opportunity to learn the skills to speak successfully in public. Each year our Year 6 students participate in the Rowville Rotary Public Speaking competition. This year Leisl, Jack and Shuree represented our school in the finals at Rowville Secondary College. Each of our students performed admirably with Leisl being awarded third place. Due to a strange set of circumstances, Leisl was asked to speak at a Parliamentary Inquiry in Canberra on her topic of the Difficulties of Adoption in Australia. Eighty Government Ministers and policy makers were on hand to hear Leisl’s speech. This was a great opportunity for Leisl and highlighted the importance of ‘student voice’. Our students have views and we need to make sure that they have an audience to be heard. All of our Year 6 teachers made the time to attend this event and worked hard to prepare the students for the event.

Here are some thoughts of the students about the experience.

‘Doing my speech in the contest was fun. I learned to believe in myself more and not doubt myself, no matter what could be ahead in the future.’ Jack

‘The Rotary Speaking Competition was a big opportunity for me and I enjoyed it a lot. I am very grateful that I was able to go in the contest on Monday night. My self-confidence grew as I was able to conquer my fears and speak on a public stage. The Rotary contest has helped me to improve my public speaking skills and made me realise that in reality it was a lot easier and it was actually really fun. I am glad that I was one of the students who was able to go out there and proudly represent my school.’ Shuree

Rotary was a great experience and has opened so many doors for me like Parliament and being on tv. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to speak in front of different people and getting judged on it’ Leisl

Curriculum Day

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

The school conducted a very successful Curriculum Day last Friday. Mr Minetti, Mr Gill and Mrs Gregson planned very informative and thought provoking sessions for staff. This day launched the beginning of reviewing how mathematics is taught across the school. Although our maths data (NAPLAN) is very good, I don’t believe we have an agreed school philosophy of how we teach maths. The photo discussion with students that teachers conducted proved to be very beneficial. Students articulated what helps them learn maths in the classroom and what barriers restrict their learning. As, we did, with the successful implementation of THRASS, I am very confident that our maths program will prove to be even more successful than it presently is.

Book Parade

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

What a huge success!

Special events are important in a school’s calendar. And Book Week is no exception. This year our staff collective decided to come as Where’s Wally. This was the brainchild of Mrs Scott who should be congratulated for doing a wonderful job of organising this event. As usual, our students supported the dress up by going all out and turning up to school is such wonderful costumes. We certainly have some talented parents out in the community. Our school values the importance of reading and this fun day was just another way we celebrate reading across the school. By the end of the day I had decided that growing a beard was not a good idea and being nearly bald has its advantages. Staff are already talking about what we should wear next year.


Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Welcome back to term 3 everyone. I hope your children are enjoying the new play areas from the works conducted over the school holidays.  It has made a big difference to the grounds and I hear the kids love it.

School Council has had a full and exciting year so far and it’s hard to believe half the year is gone already.  School council meet once a month and this year we have seen a greater importance on the student voice.   With our two student representatives being at attendance at these meetings, we’ve been able to include students concerns and possible improvements for our school from the very people that are the reason we strive to make our school the best it can be.

We also aspire for these dedicated students, to get some awareness into decisions makings and processes towards a final result in a council meeting.

At the end of term 2 I had the privilege to attend the Ferntree Gully and Rowville Electorate Victoria Day awards for 2018.  These awards are given to individuals for the significant contribution to the community.  Karli Pignolet, our PCA President, was awarded the Victoria Day award for all the hard work she has put into our school over the many years in the PCA.  I would also like to thank all the members of the PCA for all the time and productive work they do for our School.  Without their dedication to the School and raising funds, we wouldn’t have such amazing equipment and facilities for our kids to use and learn on.

I look forward to the rest of the year and hope the kids going on the Ski trip on Friday have a great time.

Gavin Nash

School Council President