Canteen News

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Due to price increases from Suppliers there have been some price increases on the Canteen Menu.  Please check the new Menu – Spring / Summer 2018/2019 when ordering (this can be found on the School Website).

There will no longer be a Lunch Bag fee for lunch orders.

The preferred method for ordering lunches is online using

If your child forgets to bring their Lunch we will be happy to supply them lunch.  An invoice is given to the child on the day.

Just a reminder that any frozen foods / Slushies / Slices / Hot Chocolate etc will not be sent to the class room with the Lunches.  This items will be highlighted on the Lunch order and will need to be collected from the canteen during the lunch break.

Donna Tkalcevic

H&H Canteens

Assistant Principal

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Wellbeing Wednesdays

This term, each week we are practising Wellbeing Wednesdays.  This will involve your students taking some time out of their day to focus on their wellbeing.  This may be a quick activity to help keep them be more mindful, present, centred and grounded or may involve them doing an act of kindness for another person.

To begin with all students set SMART goals for themselves to achieve during the term.  Setting goals is a life skill that can help us succeed.  By setting goals we have a clear direction of where we want to get to, like a road map.  It helps us make plans easily and be more likely to achieve what we want to.

Next week students will be creating Positive Affirmations.  These can be words of encouragement we can say to ourselves over and over to help us think and act mindfully.  Positive affirmations can also help us to believe in our potential.  For example, I am able to solve problems and I am clever enough to do things if I work hard!


Thursday, September 20th, 2018

On Tuesday, 18th of September, Park Ridge’s Environmental Group went to Stud Park to participate in the creation of Nature’s Corridor, a wicking bed project organised by Stud Park Management and the Knox Community Gardens Society. Ten students organised the scoria, sand, geofabric and soil layers, before creating signs and planting out our bed. It will be displayed at Stud Park for any interested parents to visit until the Stringybark Festival, when it will be part of the Zero Waste concept installation. Park Ridge will be lucky enough to keep our bed after the Stringybark Festival for future use in our growing program. A big thank you to Alyssa Hardware and David Mann for helping get us all there on the day, and to Susan Laukens, Knox Community Gardens Society Inc. President, who organised and presented the material on the day.

Jessica Deans

Gardening Coordinator


Thursday, September 20th, 2018

During the last week of this term and for the first 3 weeks of next term, all students will be participating in a gymnastics program in their weekly Physical Education lessons. Sessions are designed to be fun, active and safe. Students will participate in activities that are designed for their ability level. Activities are designed to foster the development of safe landings, body awareness, spatial awareness, strength, balance, flexibility and agility.

Activities may include basic rolls (egg rolls, log rolls, forward rolls, etc…), cartwheels, swinging, balancing, jumping (both on the floor and on a mini-trampoline), and various strength activities.

Could I please ask you to consider the following safety rules when sending your child to school on a day when they have P.E.

Shoes and socks off  – Students will be required to remove their shoes and socks just prior to the start of the session. During sessions students will be performing a variety of activities that require them to have their hands, their feet, or both on the ground. Shoes are removed at the start of the sessions for the safety of the other students in the session. Having your hand stepped on by a shoe hurts! Socks are removed as they slip on the mats (please do not wear stockings instead as these will have to come off to ensure your safety).

No Jewellery / Watches / Badges - Necklaces can get tangled in equipment, watches often get caught and break their strap, etc…

Long hair tied back - It’s no fun to get your hair tangled around a bar or stuck in a trampoline spring.

No Dresses Please! - Students will be performing activities that may involve going upside down. Students don’t like having their underwear on show.

For more information visit

Thanks for your cooperation,

Matt Davey & Leah Docherty

eSmart Week @ P.R.P.S

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Park Ridge Primary School is participating in the children’s charity, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s National eSmart Week from 2-8 September 2018, to show our commitment to keeping our student’s safe online.

Held to coincide with National Child Protection Week, eSmart Week creates awareness, solutions and ideas and encourages the whole community to be smart, safe and responsible when using digital technology. Our students have been talking about what this might look, sound and feel like.

Mr. Mann expressed his view on cyber safety and participating in eSmart week.  “I think it is important to participate in eSmart week to promote the safe use of digital technologies as young adolescents do not yet possess the social skills to communicate in a non-face-to-face manner due to their brain still developing.”