Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Last year in Term 4, our Year 4’s began raising money for Uniting Wesley Homelessness Youth Support.  The 5 classes each came up with a way to raise funds and promote youth homelessness.  There was an icy-pole stand, nail painting, a second hand book stall and an open night for families with a sausage sizzle.  Over $1800 was raised and the efforts were very much appreciated.  We received this letter of thanks.

Dear Year 4 Students 2018,

Thank you for your donation towards Uniting Wesley Homelessness Youth Support.  It is truly appreciated and will enable our staff and volunteers to continue to provide this important service in the community.

With your support, we empower children, young people and families to learn and thrive.  We’re there for people experiencing homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction or mental illness.  We support people with disabilities to live the life they choose.  We provide people with opportunities to access training and meaningful employment.

Thank you for your compassionate response to the growing need experienced by young people in the community.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Linossier

Chief Executive Officer

Thank you to the 2018 Year 4 Team for making this donation possible and to all the staff and students who supported their initiative.

You Can Sit With Me

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

‘You Can Sit With Me’ is a kindness and anti-bullying initiative that sees Park Ridge students wearing a yellow wristband as a way of reaching out to others who may be feeling lonely.  The wristbands “tells everybody in your school, you welcome anyone to sit with you no matter what culture, religion, grade or age the person is”.

Two ambassadors wear the wristbands in each classroom every day.  These students volunteer their time and look forward to making new friends.


Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Last year Park Ridge Primary School were able to post 36 Soldier Care Packages.  Thank you to all the families and students for donating items and thinking of others at this festive time.  These packages were sent to soldiers who were deployed in other countries and were not home with their own families at Christmas.  It was quite a challenge to keep the packages under 2 kilograms but classes were creative and we were certain the items would be much appreciated.  We had gifts of food and lollies, soaps and toiletries, card games and Christmas decorations.  Personal Christmas cards were a special touch, written by the students, thanking the soldiers for helping to protect us.  Over the holidays we received an email from one of the soldiers who received a Care Package from us…

Hi there,

I would like to sincerely thank the students of Park Ridge Primary School for the care packages that you have sent through to serving members on operations. I was touched to receive a package, especially at this festive time of year. A special thank you to Ryder, Zoe, Emma and Brandan for their Christmas Cards. We will be putting to good use the goodies that you supplied. Thank you for thinking of us ADF members deployed on operations. It is warming to know that people back home, in addition to our families and loved ones, remember and support us.

I wish you all in the Park Ridge Primary School community a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you,


Attila Ovari


Australian Defence Force, Middle East Region


Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Dear Mum and Dad, Please help me to be confident and resilient …

Let me carry my own bag to school.

Let me put my bag & fruit snack away in the morning.

Guide me to change my take home book rather than do it for me.

If I forget something please don’t race home and get it for me – there is always tomorrow!

Please remember that at times I will have conflict with my friends – this is really normal and a part of growing up. Sometimes I might just need to talk about it with you and get emotional support.

If I am tired after school and have a meltdown remember lots of people cope this way, and there is nothing to worry about – I have just been on my best behaviour all day!

Let me make my own breakfast (even in Foundation I can get out the cereal and milk!)

Let me make some of my own lunch (with some guidance if I am making unhealthy choices)

Let me clean up after breakfast / dinner – if I can use a iPad, then I can clean up!

Please allow me to make mistakes without upsetting you as I need to explore the world myself with some guidance from you.

Please give me a chance to solve problems on my own – it’s the only way I can build resilience.

Please give me lots of time to just play each day (without technology) so I can relax, be active, be creative and build independence.

Please let me explore the world and follow my own interests!

Thank you!

Year 4 ‘Engineers at Work’

Friday, December 7th, 2018


Year 4 students at Park Ridge are enjoying an engaging and creative Design Technology and S.T.E.M unit this term. Students are even using the design process to create a way to help those less fortunate. Each Year 4 class has created a plan to raise funds for the homeless with classes choosing to run a sausage sizzle, sell icy poles, hold a free dress day and raise funds through a book exchange. Students anticipate that the money they raise will help provide emergency shelter, through Wesley Mission in Ringwood, to those who are most in need. The money raised will be  donated to support a local youth residential program giving young people a safe place to sleep.

Our special events will be held on the following days:

Tuesday 11 December: Book Trade* Students are invited to purchase a donated book for a gold coin donation per book. The trade will run from 12:30pm -3:45pm at the podium. Students will be able to purchase books at lunch or after school.

We hope that you are able to support the Year 4 students to raise money to help support this worthy cause that they have become so passionate about.

*If you would like to donate some children’s/teenage books to be sold at the book trade, please send them to Room 3. This is a great opportunity to refresh your home library!