Year 4 ‘Engineers at Work’

Friday, December 7th, 2018


Year 4 students at Park Ridge are enjoying an engaging and creative Design Technology and S.T.E.M unit this term. Students are even using the design process to create a way to help those less fortunate. Each Year 4 class has created a plan to raise funds for the homeless with classes choosing to run a sausage sizzle, sell icy poles, hold a free dress day and raise funds through a book exchange. Students anticipate that the money they raise will help provide emergency shelter, through Wesley Mission in Ringwood, to those who are most in need. The money raised will be  donated to support a local youth residential program giving young people a safe place to sleep.

Our special events will be held on the following days:

Tuesday 11 December: Book Trade* Students are invited to purchase a donated book for a gold coin donation per book. The trade will run from 12:30pm -3:45pm at the podium. Students will be able to purchase books at lunch or after school.

We hope that you are able to support the Year 4 students to raise money to help support this worthy cause that they have become so passionate about.

*If you would like to donate some children’s/teenage books to be sold at the book trade, please send them to Room 3. This is a great opportunity to refresh your home library!


Thursday, November 15th, 2018

On Monday this week our school leaders, Jess, Matthew, Ash and Aaron we went to visit The Fields and Park Ridge Pre School to teach them about Science.  We used bi-carb and vinegar to make a balloon ‘blow up’.  When the bi-carb and vinegar combined it made a chemical reaction which caused the balloon to blow up.   The kinder students helped make predictions and eagerly watched the experiment, becoming scientists themselves.

We split the groups into two and began the next activity.  The first group read a story and were taught about ‘Brain Breaks’ and the second group made ‘Pom Pom Rockets’.  We had two different size pom poms and they needed to experiment with which size was better to launch.  After all the children had made their rockets we had a competition to see which pom pom flew the furthest?  Was it the bigger or the smaller pom pom I wonder?  What do you think?

Science Incursion

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

The Years 3-6 classes have enjoyed being forensic scientists for the past two weeks.  As part of the incursion they learnt a variety of forensic and science skills  to solve the ‘Auction House Robbery’.

Students examined the crime scene, took their own fingerprints, created coin impressions, built a DNA model and cracked a safe code.

Earn Sports Equipment For Your School

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

Every time you shop online or instore with Rebel Sport, you can fundraise for your school at the same time! When families shop at rebel sport just mention you are from Park Ridge, that way we will get a percentage to spend on sports equipment for our school.

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Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Every October, Walk to School encourages Victorian primary school kids to walk, ride or scoot to and from school. This year, Walk to School will begin the very first week of next term.  Active travel options are a great way to keep fit and healthy, and can be heaps of fun. You could even meet up with other local families and walk together. If you can’t walk or ride the whole way, simply drive part of the way, and walk, ride or scoot the rest. Park Ridge has participated in Walk to School for quite a few years, and last year we were lucky enough to win. We received an amazing trophy and new scooter racks for the school. The only way we can win is by everyone getting involved, so get your walking, riding or scooting shoes on and have fun!