Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge is now open and Park Ridge Primary is excited to be participating. The Challenge is open to all Victorian children, in recognition of the importance of reading for literacy development. It is not a competition, but a personal challenge for children to read a set number of books by 7 September 2018. Children from Prep to Year 2 are encouraged to read or ‘experience’ 30 books with their parents and teachers. Children from Year 3 to Year 6 are challenged to read 15 books. All children who meet the Challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier and can choose to have their name included on the online Honour Roll. To read the Premier’s letter to parents, view the booklists and for more information about the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, visit:

Anna Christofis

Literacy Leading Teacher

The Colour Run

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

The sun was shining, the football players excited and the students were keen and eager to start their laps.  Running through the inflatable start and finish line, covered in coloured powder was an added incentive to keep the laps going.  The music was pumping, the high 5’s slapping, the big ‘Blue Dog’ dancing and smiles from ear to ear.

We had two AFL Football players, visit to encourage our students at the ‘COLOUR Fun Run’.

Mel Kuys plays in the AFL Women’s League, for Collingwood.  She has played football for the last 20 years, starting at Rowville Hawks and has won more than 6 Premierships flags!

Hayden Crozier is another local footballer, who has played 69 games at Freemantle.  He has just been traded to the Bulldogs and was more than happy to sign some memorabilia!

Some student comments – ‘Getting covered with powder was so much fun.  I had it everywhere.’  “Meeting the footy players was awesome, they were famous.’  ‘We got free sunnies and headbands.’  ‘Everyone was cheering others on, even the parents.’  ‘We got an icy-pole at the end!’  ‘Everyone had fun and tried their best.’  ‘Some of our teachers were really fast runners.’

Some teacher comments – ‘Everyone had the best time, what a way to start the day.’  ‘Let’s use water pistols next year!’  ‘Everyone’s manners were beautiful.’  ‘We should do more of these mornings.’

A big thank you to Karli Pignolet and her team for organising the parent helpers on the day and to the volunteers who gave up their time to make this event such a success.

We will announce the total in a few weeks when the online fund raising has closed.  Thank you!

School Colour Run4Fun

Thursday, March 8th, 2018


This year for our Colour Fun Run we will be kicking off the event with Mel Kuys.

Mel Kuys plays in the AFL Women’s League, for Collingwood, and is predominantly a midfielder, but moved to the wing last year.  She has played football for the last 20 years, starting at Rowville Hawks.  Mel had to move around teams as there were not many girls teams around and for the last few years has been captain of the team at Box Hill Hawks.  Mel has won more than 6 Premierships flags and looks forward to meeting you all at out Colour Fun Run!

A reminder to all, every student needs to return a consent form to participate in the event.  If you do not wish to participate in the COLOUR please tick yes to the Fun Run and add a note indicating you do not want to be included in the colour part of the Fun Run.  There will be 2 lanes for students to run through, one with colour and one without.  Please note, school uniforms are NOT to be worn on the day.  Students may come in sportswear or wear a plain t-shirt to enjoy the coloured powder!

THRASS Information Night

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Last week, our Literacy team conducted a THRASS Information Night for parents. Over forty families attended the night in the Wentworth Building. Miss Christofis gave parents a detailed look of how we ‘do’ THRASS in the classroom. If any parents are having difficulties explaining THRASS concepts to their child, please refer the matter on to the classroom teacher. We don’t expect parents to be the teacher of THRASS. Our trained teachers are equipped to do this job.

Severe Allergies (ANAPHYLAXIS)

Monday, February 26th, 2018

We have several students at Park Ridge who have a SEVERE allergic reaction (Anaphylactic shock) to the following foods:


Dairy – yoghurt and milk (Cheese is okay for your child to bring to school)

Eggs – whole eggs (Eggs cooked in cakes, brownies etc. is okay for your child to bring to school)

All Nuts Kiwi Fruit Shellfish Seafood Sesame seeds (In particular, sesame seeds on bread rolls)

Anaphylaxis is an extremely serious condition and we must treat it with great care and concern. We do realise that labels on processed products can be very difficult to read and interpret, but we do ask you to be cautious in food preparation as this condition is very serious if children come into contact with these foods in any way. Please also ensure that any other family members who might be assisting with preparing your children’s lunch boxes for school are also aware of the foods that we would like to avoid bringing to school. Our school canteen is currently reviewing the foods they sell and make themselves, to also help keep these students safe. We want all children at Park Ridge to be safe at school and it is the responsibility of the school and its community to make sure that happens. Even though these children may not be in your child’s grade it is possible for playground equipment to be contaminated by residue on fingers, etc. so we ask all families to help to ensure our school is a safe place for all community members. I thank you for your cooperation in this matter.