Welcome back to another exciting term. It surprises me how quickly the year goes. Although we are three quarters the way through the year, there is still lots of learning to take place. Our main focus will always be on the learning. However, we want to produce students with a strong moral purpose.

I came across this quote and I thought it summed up why we do Positive Education at Park Ridge Primary School.

“If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap.’
If you want happiness for a day — go fishing.
If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.”
Chinese Proverb

Walk to School October 2018

Again, this year, our school is participating in the VicHealth Walk to School promotion. Walking to and from school can help students get their daily physical activity they need and it also reduces traffic congestion, parking difficulties and associated environmental impacts. Classes will be recording their daily walking activities over the month of October.

Parents can –

Allow their child to walk to school.

Walk with your child to and from school and help them learn road safety skills.

Arrange for your child to walk with other families or friends, giving them a chance to socialise and enjoy the fresh air

Drive part of the way to school and walk the rest, particularly if you live a long way from school or have limited time.


Even on cloudy days at this time of the year, UV levels are on the rise. Park Ridge Primary is a SunSmart school and our students and teachers need to be careful when outside. For best sun protection, use these Five SunSmart steps during the sun protection times:
1. Slip on covering clothing. If you can see skin, UV can reach.
2. Slop on SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum sunscreen. Apply sunscreen before going outdoors and reapply  every two hours. One application is not enough.
3. Slap on a sun protective hat. The best hat shades the head, face, eyes, ears and neck.
4. Seek shade. Shady spaces help block some of the sun’s UV but not all so you still need to wear hats, clothing and sunscreen even in the shade.
5. Slide on sunglasses labelled AS 1067. If practical, help protect the eyes with sunglasses.

Please note that fourth term is ‘No Hat No Play’ Students are required to wear an approved school hat when outside and recess and lunchtimes and participating in sports activities.


Our Preptastic program begins tomorrow for our 2019 Foundation students. This year we will be assembling in the Wentworth Building and then moving off to the classrooms for the activities. We really value this program in getting our newest students ready for school.

Classes for 2019

We are presently developing classes for 2019. Usually at this time of the year we ask parents to put in writing any requests which will help their child in the following year. Before any parents put pen to paper could they please think as to whether your request will help to develop resilience in your child. In life we come across all kinds of individuals, some we like, some we do not, but usually we have to work with these individuals and thus, a level of resilience is needed. I firmly believe that classrooms are for learning and the playground for socialising. It is in the playground where we catch up with our friends. An important skill in life is to be able to make friendships. If we surround our children with their best friends in the classroom it can restrict them from forming other relationships.

This year our staff will take the following in to account when forming classes:

Student’s learning needs

Teacher recommendations

Class balance (number of boys and girls, similar cross section of achievement levels etc.)

Parent requests

Student’s interview requests Who I work well with?

Parent requests must be returned to the office by Friday 26 October for consideration.

This year we are aiming to finalise our 2019 classes earlier than previous years

2019 Parent Contributions via Compass

School Council has discussed and passed the 2019 Parent and Voluntary Contributions.  School Council decided on a small increase of $10.00 for the year.  All information regarding the Contributions is now available on Compass. All payments will be required to be made through the Compass program. Once full payment is made, Stationary Packs will be available for collection from the office, dates for collection can be found on Compass. Please find the details of the Contributions below:

Student Materials/Essential Student Learning Items (Stationary Pack and Classroom Supplies) $220.00

Optional Items/Core Curriculum Items $60.00

Voluntary  Contributions School Council Facilities (Recommended $50.00 per family)

Excursion levy as per year level

Head Lice Checking

Although we have not had any cases of head lice recently, I believe with this warm weather approaching we need to be pro-active with our checking for head lice in our children’s hair. To help combat the spread of head lice at the school we have been encouraging parents to check their child’s head regularly.  However, this strategy can only be successful if ALL parents do it.  This week is Hair Checking Weekend.  Could all parents please check all family member’s hair.  This strategy can only be successful if all parents get on board. Also, we need to encourage students not to occupy each others space and make head contact. Transfer of head lice can only occur with head to head contact. Another useful tip is for students with long hair to make sure that their hair is tied back. more from the Prinicipal's Desk



Every October, Walk to School encourages Victorian primary school kids to walk, ride or scoot to and from school. This year, Walk to School will begin the very first week of next term.  Active travel options are a great way to keep fit and healthy, and can be heaps of fun. You could even meet [...]


Look for good and you will find it! Science tells us that when you spread good news: • It makes you happy. • It makes other people happy. • It creates an uplifting feeling. • It inspires other people to do good things too. Instilling a positive approach through intentional actions is a useful life [...] more Articles

Canteen News

Due to price increases from Suppliers there have been some price increases on the Canteen Menu.  Please check the new Menu – Spring / Summer 2018/2019 when ordering (this can be found on the School Website). There will no longer be a Lunch Bag fee for lunch orders. The preferred method for ordering lunches is [...]

Assistant Principal

Wellbeing Wednesdays This term, each week we are practising Wellbeing Wednesdays.  This will involve your students taking some time out of their day to focus on their wellbeing.  This may be a quick activity to help keep them be more mindful, present, centred and grounded or may involve them doing an act of kindness for [...] more News