20 Jobs To Work Your Way Out Of By The Time Your Child Turns 10.

I believe as parents we do too many things for our children. We all want our children to become independent, be able to make their own choices and embrace responsibility. Do we allow them to practice these skills?

How many of our 10 year old + students –

  • Get themselves up in the morning using an alarm
  • Pack their own bag each morning
  • Make their own breakfast

I am very interesting in publishing next week our parents’ ideas of what they expect a 10 year old child to do independently. Please send your responses to the office or post on Tiqbiz. more from the Prinicipal's Desk


Brain Learning this week!

It is important to keep our brains active. With modern technology, our brains don’t need to work as hard. When was the last time you have to remember someone’s phone number? I still wouldn’t be able to recall my wife’s mobile phone number, even though we speak regularly on the phone. Today’s activity requires you [...]

2015 Prep Information Night

The first of our 2015 Prep Information Evenings will take place on Tuesday 18 August at 7:30pm in the Wentworth Building. This is the beginning of our Kinder to Prep transition process. On the night we will be introducing our Prep families to the teaching staff in the school, how our Preptastic program operates and [...] more Articles

Literacy Week Monday 31st August – Friday 4th September – ‘Explore a Good Book’

Next week we are celebrating Literacy Week and we are all very excited to see students dressed up as their favourite book character on Wednesday 2nd September. Students will be parading around the Hard court at 12.30pm, weather permitting. Parents are welcome to come along and watch. In this weeks newsletter there is a timetable [...]

Holiday Program – TEAM HOLIDAY

We are extremely excited to see that our school site will be used for a Holiday Program.  This program will be conducted by the company Team Holiday. Information with regard to enrolling children into the program was sent home last week. Extra brochures are available from the office or check out the information under the [...] more News