Last week, I shared with you the work we have been doing on developing the Digital Technologies curriculum at Park Ridge Primary School. This week, I would like to share with you our work around the introduction of the THRASS approach. THRASS stands for the Teaching of Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills and is an evidence-based, phonographic teaching approach. It has a phonographic, multisensory focus that makes reading and spelling acquisition much simpler, faster and more sustainable than conventional ‘phonic’ approaches. Park Ridge Primary School has adopted the THRASS approach to support our students in developing strong foundational skills in Literacy that will provide the platform for all future learning at school.

Anna Christofis, our Leading Teacher of Literacy, is leading the development and implementation of THRASS at Park Ridge Primary School. Anna participated in the Bastow Leading Literacy course in 2016 where she developed strong connections with other high-performing schools in Literacy. This network led to the exploration of the THRASS approach. Anna has utilised her expertise to facilitate the professional learning of staff, develop curriculum documentation to guide the teaching and learning program, work with teacher teams to plan and implement the THRASS approach and coordinate the resourcing of both the Literacy key learning area and THRASS.

A significant amount of resourcing has been allocated in this year’s budget to resourcing the implementation of THRASS. So far, we have spent over $14,000 to support the introduction of THRASS including:

$7,000 on professional learning to train staff in the THRASS approach

$7,500 on purchasing resource materials to support the implementation of THRASS including THRASS teacher and student desk charts

$300 on purchasing text books and resources

We have also made the commitment to expand our professional learning and THRASS training in 2018 to all staff in Years 3-6 to support the continued implementation of the THRASS approach throughout the school.

A further $14,000 has been spent to support the implementation of other aspects of Literacy across the school which has included the purchase of support materials, library books, new plastic Book Boxes for students in Foundation to Year 2, online story programs and subscriptions.

Parents/carers can play an important role in supporting the work of the classroom teacher in implementing the THRASS approach. By learning and referring to the THRASS Chart and using correct terminology in the home, parents can consolidate classroom learning and avoid confusing children with conflicting (or incorrect) information. If you would like further information on the THRASS approach at Park Ridge Primary School, please see Anna Christofis as she is very happy to share with you some strategies that you can implement immediately at home to support your child’s learning at school. more from the Prinicipal's Desk


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