Teachers Become Students for the Day

Our Curriculum Day, last Friday was a huge success. Miss Christofis and Miss Roberts conducted a fantastic day with staff developing consistent alignment across the school with the teaching of reading. Our school is extremely lucky to have so many knowledgeable teachers in its ranks. We have been trialling ‘Book Books’ in seven classrooms across the school with the aim of increasing the number of words students are reading each day. The trial has been very successful and we now intend to roll out the program across the school. Each student will receive a book box to house the reading materials on their table in the up-coming weeks. This box is expected to follow them through the school, thus, it must be treated with respect. Moving forward, students will be taking more responsibility for monitoring their reading through focused conferences with teachers. more from the Prinicipal's Desk


Brain Learning

A good Working Memory can hold between four and seven items of information at one time. Focusing on improving our working memory will improve academic performance. How many numbers can you repeat backwards. Get someone to say slowly three digits. Your job is to repeat the digits in the opposite order. If that is easy, [...]

New Student Reporting

Thank you to all the families who have returned their Reporting Surveys. In an up-coming newsletter we will publish the results of the survey. In general, parents are very pleased with the new format. They found it easier to find online and appreciated the comments made by the teachers. It is envisaged that this reporting [...] more Articles

School Starts at 8:45am

We have noticed that over recent weeks we have had a number of students arriving late for school. Learning starts at Park Ridge Primary at 8:45 am. This means that students should be sitting in classrooms ready to go at that time. Routines need to be established so this can occur. Cold weather or traffic [...]


Just a reminder that Friday 24 July is a STUDENT FREE DAY.  Enjoy the long weekend! more News