Rotary Speeches

Public speaking is a fear many adults have. At Park Ridge we ensure that ALL students get the opportunity to learn the skills to speak successfully in public. Each year our Year 6 students participate in the Rowville Rotary Public Speaking competition. This year Charli, Erin and Nathan represented our school in the finals at Rowville Secondary College. Each of our students performed admirably with Nathan awarded first place and Erin third. This was a great opportunity for our three students and highlighted the importance of ‘student voice’. Our students have views and we need to make sure that they have an audience to be heard. All of our Year 6 teachers made the time to attend this event and worked hard to prepare the students for the event.

Persuasive Writing by Year 2 Students

This week some of our Year 2 students came to my office to show me their writing. Their classroom task was to write a persuasive argument to convince me to allow them to have a classroom pet. As I read their writing, I realised that in my wildest dreams that I couldn’t have written a piece of writing like this  when I was in Year 2, a long time ago because 1. I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion, 2. Our teachers only gave us the opportunity to write narratives and 3. Teachers didn’t explicitly teach the craft of writing.

The Class Love a Class Dog by Luke E 2-21

A really big majority of the class love dogs and think that dogs are the best animal for the class pet!

Dogs are fantastic at cheering people up. If kids are sad they could make them happy. The dog will be in the office so it wouldn’t distract people.

If you are being good you can be with the dog for your reward. Therefore everyone will be good. The dog will be well trained so they will not bark. If you don’t think that’s a good idea I don’t know what you think is a good idea.

The dog would be very friendly and nice to the class. Everyone in my class will love it!

Now do you see why it’s a good idea to get a dog. Everyone will be good and the dog will not distract

people. It’s the perfect pet for the class.

Super Fluffy Bunny by Aiden S 2-21

I strongly believe that 2-21 must have a rabbit. Everyone knows rabbits are not noisy, they only need carrots and water and they are not aggressive.

We all know that rabbits are quiet animals. Just think about if we get a rabbit, everyone gets to do their work and not be distracted.

A further point is rabbits only need water and carrots. Therefore it would be very cheap food. Or we could just grow carrots and get water ourselves.

Finally rabbits are not aggressive. That’s good because then no one will get injured or hurt by the rabbit.

These are the reasons why I think 2-21 should get a rabbit because they not aggressive, they only need water and carrots and they are very quiet animals.

Catty Cat Came To School by Mia L 2-21

It’s clear EVERYONE knows that a cat is a perfect class pet. Cats are cute, quiet and soft. They will not distract us and if you are sad or can’t focus you can quietly play with it for five or six minutes.

Just think about what it would be like to have class pet. A class pet would make your day, especially if it was a cat.

Cats are very quiet. That means everyone will not get distracted. Which means the class can get more work done.

Everybody knows that cats are very cheap. Cats are very cheap so if we have anything expensive we have the money for it like occasions in Prep, 1’s, 2’s, 3’s and more.

Cats are cheap quiet and easy to look after. Cats don’t get stinky. Wouldn’t you agree 2-21 should have a cat as a class pet?

Further Conversation Starters

Here are some more examples of conversation starters with your children when you see them after school.

Did you learn something you didn’t initially understand?

Who inspired you today?

Who did you play with today?

Tell me something you know today that you didn’t know yesterday?

How did someone fill your bucket today / Whose bucket did you fill?

Camellia, Garden & Floral Art Show Competition

Jade F, from our school participated in the Children’s section of the Camellia, Garden & Floral Art Show over the weekend of 17 – 18 August 2019. The children had to create a display using horticultural products.

Jade won Second Prize for the category 9- 14 years old.  There were only two prizes awarded in each section. Jade made a tray of happy garden friends.  Her creation generated a lot of interest and comments from the massive number of visitors over the weekend. Congratulations to Jade!


Our THRASS program has proved to be a resounding success. THRASS provides students with a great phonetic structure to spell words. All students have their own THRASS chart in their reading tubs on their classroom tables. Parents can purchase a THRASS chart for home for $7 from the office. This chart will certainly assist students when writing at home.

District Athletics

Last Friday our students participated in the Rowville District Athletics competition at the Knox Athletics Track. Overall, our school came fifth. The following students now progress on to the Division competition in October.

Well done to Tyler C 1500m 1st, Lachlan C Discus 2nd, Joshua P Discus 1st, Paris R Discus 2nd, Sonny S Discus 1st, Miller R Hurdles 2nd, Nathan H 100m 2nd, Relay 1st, Ashley McK Hurdles 2nd, Harry C 100m 1st 800m 1st, Relay 1st, Harvey F Relay 1st and Tom S Relay 1st. more from the Prinicipal's Desk



This week all year levels attended the cyber safety and student wellbeing incursion presented by the award winning theatre company Brainstorm Productions.  The “Sticks and Stones” show combined elements of student wellbeing and cyber safety, outlining the dangers and risks students can be exposed to in a digital world, whilst reinforcing the need for forming [...]


This year we have been running Literacy Intervention lessons for selected students across the school. The sessions address comprehension, vocabulary development, fluency practice, phonics and word study and writing about reading. We have seen some pleasing results with some students making 12 months progress within 6 months! We noticed that these students read aloud every [...] more Articles


Australian Girls’ Choir Representatives from the Australian Girls’ Choir will be coming to Park Ridge Primary on Thursday 12 September. A notice was sent home last Thursday, spare forms are available in the office. If you would like the opportunity for your daughter to participate in the free singing workshop held in the Wentworth building [...]


Park Ridge Primary School Swimming Program – Expression of Interest Year 1, 3 & 5 The swimming program dates and structure has now been finalised for this year, payment and consent will be  available on Compass in the coming week for those families that replied to the Expression of Interest. If you did not reply [...] more News