Welcome back

Welcome back to another very productive term of learning. Thank you to the parents who kept an eye out on the school over the holiday period. Unfortunately, we had a number of graffiti attacks. Richard, our maintenance man, quickly cleaned off the offensive tags.

Over the holiday period, we had a number of works completed by contractors. Our student toilets have been repainted and retiled. Undercover walkways have been installed from the Wentworth Building to Block and from the Bob Curry Building to the new portable. Softfall has been topped up in the playgrounds.

Effort and Yet

At Park Ridge Primary our academic results are extremely pleasing. We have high expectations on the performance of our students. Much planning and data analysis goes into ensuring that our students are provided with the best possible learning opportunities. Two words that we want to embed into our school culture are EFFORT and YET. We know that to develop a Growth Mindset we need to acknowledge and reward effort. The other day while showing a number of prospective parents around the school, Mrs Epstein showed the parents a Foundation student’s writing. It was well above what we would expect for a student at this time of the year. Mrs Epstein did not mention the fact that it was fantastic writing but said. ‘This child has put a great deal of effort in her writing today’. The message she was displaying to her grade was that effort is something that is valued in her class, not being the best is what is important.

The other word we as adults need to use when we hear ‘I’m not good at ……’ is complete the sentence with the word YET. I am not good at maths yet. This gives the message to students that with effort we can achieve great things. With a Growth Mindset I believe we can achieve real greatness. more from the Prinicipal's Desk


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Curriculum Day

Next Thursday 29 March is a school Curriculum Day. Students are not required at school on this day. Staff will be spending time developing a whole school approach to the teaching of literacy with specific attention to effective reading strategies.

Assembly Change

Due to next Friday being Good Friday, we will be conducting our school assembly on Monday. At the assembly, we will be drawing the prizes for the Easter Raffle. There will not be a newsletter next week. more News