Another busy term has come and gone. I think that it is important to stop occasionally and reflect on what we have achieved. Our implementation of our new reading intervention program with Miss Christofis and Mrs Maxwell has proved to be incredibly successful. Most of the students in the program have improved their reading by at least one year in the six months of the program. A number of students have improved a whopping eighteen months. This is quite extraordinary. When you have extremely skilled teachers, committed students and great support from home, we can achieve amazing things. We continue to explore best practice of the teaching of mathematics. We are now beginning to see students who are analytical mathematical thinkers that have the capacity to solve difficult mathematical concepts. The tone and feel in classrooms and the yard continues to be very positive indeed.

Although school is in recess for the next two weeks, hopefully, you can encourage your child to continue to read daily and spend some time outdoors. I came across an interesting quote recently about entertaining children. ‘Less Screen and More Green’.

Wentworth Crossing Supervision

Sharon, the school crossing supervisor, will be on deck supervising students on Friday afternoon. This is a change to Sharon’s usual working time but she has generously changed her planning to ensure that our students remain safe while crossing Wentworth Avenue.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Research shows that parents who take a strong interest in their child’s learning at school produce a child who achieves to their full potential. I hope that parents and carers booked an interview with the classroom teacher for next term. We have decided to trial conducting these interviews at the start of next term so parents have time to read the report and investigate with their child the portfolio that give a great snapshot of how their child is performing more from the Prinicipal's Desk



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