Walk to School October 2019

Again, this year, our school is participating in the VicHealth Walk to School promotion. Walking to and from school can help students get their daily physical activity they need and it also reduces traffic congestion, parking difficulties and associated environmental impacts. Classes will be recording their daily walking activities over the month of October.

Parents can –

Allow their child to walk to school.

Walk with your child to and from school and help them learn road safety skills.

Arrange for your child to walk with other families or friends, giving them a chance to socialise and enjoy the fresh air.

Drive part of the way to school and walk the rest, particularly if you live a long way from school or have limited time.

Year 4 Hooptime Girls Basketball Champs

Our Year 4 Hooptime Girl’s Basketball team performed very admirably at the Regional Finals. With a very consistent effort over the day, our girls have now progressed to the State finals. This is a wonderful achievement for our team and everyone involved should be congratulated.

Inclusive Play Space

Our Inclusive Play Space is progressing well with much of the excavation works completed. Over the up-coming weeks we will begin to see the equipment being installed. We are currently investigating replacing a large part of the Junior playground with new equipment. Please watch this space for future developments.


The first of our Preptastic sessions was extremely successful. Our 2020 students settled very quickly into the classroom environment. I know that it is early to make a prediction but I feel that this group are going to be a delight to teach over their time at Park Ridge. Our Junior and Senior Choirs entertained our new visitors to the school with a fantastic rendition of ‘1,2,3 You Can Count on Me’. This year our new Foundation students received a special t-shirt to wear to their transition days.

Classes for 2020

We are presently developing classes for 2020. Usually at this time of the year we ask parents to put in writing any requests which will help their child in the following year. Before any parents put pen to paper could they please think as to whether your request will help to develop resilience in your child. In life we come across all kinds of individuals, some we like, some we do not, but usually we have to work with these individuals and thus, a level of resilience is needed. I firmly believe that classrooms are for learning and the playground for socialising. It is in the playground where we catch up with our friends. An important skill in life is to be able to make friendships. If we surround our children with their best friends in the classroom it can restrict them from forming other relationships.

This year our staff will take the following in to account when forming classes:

  • Student’s learning needs
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Class balance (number of boys and girls, similar cross section of achievement levels etc.)
  • Parent requests
  • Student’s interview requests ‘Who I work well with?’

Parent requests must be returned to the office by Friday 25 October for consideration. more from the Prinicipal's Desk


10 Tips From The Alannah and Madeline Foundation

1. Care about the Share Social media wants you to share as much as you can bear! But the share should be rare. NEVER share: passwords, private/personal information, your location. 2. Privacy Matters If you care about the share, you’ll protect your privacy, no matter what. Regularly check your privacy settings on social media, and [...]


This week all year levels attended the cyber safety and student wellbeing incursion presented by the award winning theatre company Brainstorm Productions.  The “Sticks and Stones” show combined elements of student wellbeing and cyber safety, outlining the dangers and risks students can be exposed to in a digital world, whilst reinforcing the need for forming [...] more Articles


WE’RE GOING TO STATE! Our Year 4 All Star Girls Hoop Time team competed at the Regional Championships last Friday at Dandenong Stadium. The girls started like a house on fire, defeating St Patricks PS and Park Orchards PS by 20 points each. They lost their third game in a nail biter by 2 points [...]


NATIONAL ATHLETICS NEWS Over the first weekend of the holidays, star athlete Harry C of Year 6 represented Team Victoria at the National Track and Field Championships in Darwin. He is recognised as one of the fastest runners in the state and was selected in the 200m and Medley Relay events. It is my pleasure to [...] more News