Preparing to Smash a Day at School

To achieve anything in life we need to be prepared.

For students to be successful at school they need to start the day with a healthy breakfast. Much talk is taking place in the media about the amount of processed sugar students are consuming. I’m not a dietician but I urge parents to read the cereal box. You might be alarmed by some cereals’ sugar content.

Next, the BIG ONE. Get to school before the bell. That means in the classroom and ready before the second bell. Learning starts at 8:45 am. Although we have improved greatly in this area, we still have a small group of late comers each day. Missing just five minutes a day equates to missing 16.6 days of school per year. That’s a heap of valuable learning time missed.

Teachers have the learning organised during the day but students can’t be at their optimal attention levels if they are tired. Students need ten hours of sleep per night. If students are not able to concentrate in class then valuable information will be missed and not retained in the brain. Like well-tuned athletes, our students need to be prepared to smash a day’s learning at Park Ridge Primary School.

Eating a healthy breakfast, being punctual and getting enough sleep will go a long way to being successful at school.

School Council Elections

We had five nominations for the three School Council Parent positions. Subsequently, we will be conducting an election. Ballot papers will be available from today. Election information will be posted on Compass and via a paper copy to parents. Ballot papers can be collected from the office

Parents nominating for School Council are:

Melinda Michalski

Karli Pignolet

Janine Dunk

Jessica Brown

It’s Not OK TO Be Away

It’s not Rocket Science but being absent from school stops students from learning. Our school data supports this statement. Of course, students need to be kept home when they are sick, however, we still have a small group of students who have too many unexplained absences. This year I will be monitoring absences more closely and contacting parents whose children are having a large number of absences. more from the Prinicipal's Desk


The Colour Run

The sun was shining, the football players excited and the students were keen and eager to start their laps.  Running through the inflatable start and finish line, covered in coloured powder was an added incentive to keep the laps going.  The music was pumping, the high 5’s slapping, the big ‘Blue Dog’ dancing and smiles [...]

School Colour Run4Fun

FUN RUN CELEBRITY This year for our Colour Fun Run we will be kicking off the event with Mel Kuys. Mel Kuys plays in the AFL Women’s League, for Collingwood, and is predominantly a midfielder, but moved to the wing last year.  She has played football for the last 20 years, starting at Rowville Hawks.  [...] more Articles

District Swimming Sports

A group of very enthusiastic and talented students represented our school in the Rowville District Swimming Sports that were held last week at the Monash Aquatic Centre. Our students represented the school with distinction. As a team, they cheered each and every competitor, they celebrated the effort of their team members, whether they came first [...]

Coles Sports for Schools

Park Ridge Primary School has registered with the Coles Sports for Schools Program. For every $10.00 spent at Coles, Coles Express or Coles Online, customers receive one Sports for Schools voucher. Families, friends and the wider Park Ridge community can bring the vouchers to school, placing them in the collection boxes located in the office. [...] more News