As Principal of Park Ridge Primary School, there are many things I am proud of. Every year I look forward to attending our Wakakirri performance at the Frankston Arts Centre. Again, this year, I wasn’t disappointed. I was extremely proud of our school’s performance. I know that my judgement is a little bias but our students were fantastic. Great storyline, magnificent props and great choreography. Our students presented in a confident and very well-rehearsed manner. The crowd cheered madly at the end of the performance. Again, this is another example of authentic learning. The commitment the students showed towards the Wakakirri was amazing. Daily rehearsals and prop construction with Mr Hall, all helped the make the performance so impressive. Feedback from the parents and teachers who were backstage indicated that our students were so well behaved, remembering that they had arrived by 12:30pm and didn’t leave until 9:30pm. Also, the performance was supported by a huge group of parents who cheered enthusiastically throughout the night. Although, we are yet to find out whether our team will progress on to the next stage of the competition, I believe we should be proud of what was achieved. Aaron, Jessica and Shayla’s presentation to the audience in the public speaking section demonstrated confidence, enthusiasm and maturity beyond their years. Well done to all involved.

Please click the links below to see some snipits of the performance 

Wakakirri Zoo Section

Wakakirri Aquarium Section

Wakakirri Circus Section

Wakakirri Final Section more from the Prinicipal's Desk


Helping Students with Home Learning

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Family Life Program

This year we are hosting the Family Life Program on Tuesday 6 May.  Family Life tailors each session to suit the age of the participants.  Parents can stay with their child for the session as the activities are interactive and require discussion. The cost is $20.00 for a single session per family or $25.00 per [...] more Articles

Curriculum Day

Please note, this Friday 25 July is a curriculum day and therefor no students are required at school.

Music News

Our Wakakirri Story Dance item ‘Life Without Bars’ is progressing well.  The Wakakirri Story Dance Competition is in five days, on Tuesday 22 July at the Frankston Arts Centre, with our dress rehearsal being held between 3:30 and 4:00pm on that day.  The performance starts at 7:15pm so be sure to be there and seated [...] more News