One of the highlights of my job is when I get out of my office and get into classrooms. I am always impressed by the focus and engagement of our students. Whether it’s our Preps who have only been at school for six weeks enjoying writing for the first time, or our Year 6 students presenting ‘Bucket Filler’ lessons to their peers in other year levels, our students are engaged or as psychologist, Mikhaly Csikszentmihalyi puts it, are in flow. Yesterday, I visited the artroom to see our Year 6 students engaged in a mask building lesson. Every student was fully engrossed in the activity. Mr Hall does a wonderful job keeping students in flow and developing their creativity. more from the Prinicipal's Desk


Optimal Learning

At Park Ridge Primary we are proud of our learning environment. Students understand their role and work extremely hard to reach their full potential. Learning starts at Park Ridge at 8:45 am. The expectation is that students are at school before that time so they use all the available time for learning. Unfortunately, we have [...]

School Photos.

School photos have been booked  for Park Ridge Primary School on Friday 13th March,  individually named forms went home yesterday (02/03).  This year School Pix, the company that we use to take our photos are offering an online order and payment option.  We encourage you to use this easy and convenient secure payment method, School [...] more Articles
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