Four Questions to Ask at the Dinner Table Tonight

At Park Ridge Primary School, we are committed to embedding Positive Education into all aspects of our school lives. I am sure that you have asked your child after school, ‘What happened at school today?’ or What did you do at school today?’ usually the answer is NOTHING. Listed below are four questions you can throw into the dinner conversation.

What is it you’ve done today that you’d like to be acknowledged for? This question helps us feel appreciated and helps us recognise each other,. With children, it’s a great way to help boost self-esteem.

What are you grateful for today? Showing gratitude has profound effects on mental wellbeing. When you constantly show your appreciation and gratitude, you find more good things fall into your lap

What act of kindness did you see / perform today? By asking this question, you’re asking your children to be aware of the beauty of the world. You’re also teaching them to be consciously kind to others and to see kindness as a natural way of being.

What was great about today/ What magical thing did you see? Allowing someone to talk about something that made them really happy lets them know that you’re interested and involved in their life. It also increases happiness levels by getting you focused on positive things.

These type of positive questions help to develop a positive mindset. more from the Prinicipal's Desk


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