School Swimming Program

The Department expects that all students should be able to competently able to swim fifty metres by the time that they leave primary school. This year, with government assistance, we have been able to offer a nine day intensive swimming program for students in Year 1, 3 & 5. Now, into the second week of the program, we are starting to see the benefits of daily practice. Students are improving their confidence in the water and their swimming ability. The program at Paul Sadler Swim School is superbly organised and their teachers are friendly competent and extremely patient. Apart from the improvements in swimming, our students are learning important social skills of being able to change themselves independently (Year 1), look after their own belongings (All students) and focus on a task for a period of time. Mr Davey should be congratulated for organising this important school event. Feedback from the students attending the program is also very positive. Although, we want our students to be competent swimmers, it is still important to remember that ALL children need to supervised by an adult around water, whether they are competent or not.

Knock Em Over Competition

A highlight of the Year 6 school year is the Term 4 ‘Knock-em-Over’ competition in the gym at lunchtimes. Students form their own teams and compete against fellow students and a teachers’ team. It might be worth mentioning that the male staff team is undefeated in the past three years. I know that the students are only twelve, but winning is still winning. All games are played with great enthusiasm and respect of the opposition. Modelled behaviours of shaking hands at the end of the game and playing by the rules where players themselves determine whether they are out or not makes this event so worthwhile. more from the Prinicipal's Desk



On Monday this week our school leaders, Jess, Matthew, Ash and Aaron we went to visit The Fields and Park Ridge Pre School to teach them about Science.  We used bi-carb and vinegar to make a balloon ‘blow up’.  When the bi-carb and vinegar combined it made a chemical reaction which caused the balloon to [...]

Science Incursion

The Years 3-6 classes have enjoyed being forensic scientists for the past two weeks.  As part of the incursion they learnt a variety of forensic and science skills  to solve the ‘Auction House Robbery’. Students examined the crime scene, took their own fingerprints, created coin impressions, built a DNA model and cracked a safe code. more Articles


Wellbeing Wednesdays It is very easy to forget to take the time to relax when we are busy.  Knowing how to relax and what relaxes us, is very important because our muscles need time to recover, and our brains need time to settle and to practise focussing. Students will make a list of the activities [...]

Assistant Principal News

Wellbeing Wednesdays Next week we will continue with being mindful.   Making time to stop what you are doing to notice the things you can feel, smell and hear in your surroundings is another way of practising mindfulness.  Mindfulness helps us to stop, breathe and focus on the present.  Practising this technique can help us to [...] more News