Another term has come and gone and I believe both students and teachers are looking forward to a well-earned rest. Learning at Park Ridge Primary is a busy event and we are extremely proud of the effort both our students and teachers put into ensuring that optimal learning success is achieved.

Of course, we expect that students will continue to read daily over the holiday period. A visit to the local Rowville Library might fill in a couple hours each week over the holiday period.

Next term we begin another Preptastic program. Each Friday our new 2016 Preps will be attending to begin their transition process. We really value this program and all the benefits our new students gain from their involvement. PCA is looking for any volunteers who can give up some time on Friday afternoons to assist with catering. more from the Prinicipal's Desk


Brain Learning – Making Lists

Students with a poor working memory can be assisted by learning to write lists. The list has to be written by the student for it to be effective. If you notice your child is poorly organised getting ready for school in the morning, get them to write a list of the things they need to [...]

Brain Learning continued…

I am sure that all adults can say the alphabet. Can you say it backwards?. It starts z, y, x. Have a try and see how you go. Once you have mastered that, try this next exercise. Take a pen and write the letters of the top row of a keyboard. Most people use a [...] more Articles

No Hat No Play

With the sun finally breaking through this week, could parents please note that fourth term is ‘No Hat No Play’. Students are required to wear an approved school hat when outside.

E-Smart / Cyber-Safety Presentation

Next term on Tuesday 27 October from 7:00 – 8:30 pm, we have organised a presenter to speak to parents about cyber-safety, students’ internet usage and teaching their child to become digital literate.   During that week we will be conducting cyber-safety lesson across the school. more News