Tiqbiz has arrived!

TiqBiz is an app for Apple, Android and Microsoft devices that will allow the school to have the ability to send information to parents with regard to happenings around the school. At present, parents need to check GenEd regularly to see whether the teacher has uploaded any student tasks. From now on, parents registered with TiqBiz will receive a notification when this information has been posted.

In a couple of weeks when our Year 4 students are at camp, parents linked to the Year 4 newsfeed will receive updates about what is happening on camp, what time the bus is arriving back at school etc..

Attached to the newsletter and in the bags of students who receive the newsletter electronically is an information sheet explaining how to get the TiqBiz app on to their device. This app is free. At present we have three parents registered with TiqBiz. Jenny Phillips, our School Council President, informed me that she was able to register in the same time as it took her tech savvy husband.

Please remember to connect to the Whole School newsfeed and the Year level/s newsfeeds  that your child/ren are presently in.

It would be great to have all of our families with smart devices and PC / Mac devices registered by the end of term. (BIG GOAL) more from the Prinicipal's Desk


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Good morning everyone, the Year 4 Coonawarra Campers will be returning to Park Ridge today at 2.30pm!

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