Does your child possess ‘GRIT’. Not the stuff you might find on the soles of their shoes but an inner drive to succeed. Recently, I came across an article by Carol Dweck who believes that IQ is not a reliable measure for school success but rather whether students have the character strength of ‘grit’. Grit is the ability to apply yourself on a task until you get the job done. How many people do we know who we went through school with who may not have been the brightest (academically) but they have become quite successful in life. I am sure that they possessed the character strength of ‘grit’ We need to ensure that our children have the opportunities to develop passions, whether it be dancing, playing a sport, learning an instrument or developing an academic talent. Passions, I believe develop ‘grit’. Also, another success measure is the ability to keep on task for a period of time without distractions. A Year 3 student should be able to keep on task for 20 minutes and for each additional year it increases by 10 minutes.  Does your child have opportunities to focus on a task for a period of time (this doesn’t include television watching and technology game playing)? Presently, our students are completing PAT tests in reading, vocabulary and mathematics. We do these tests once a year to measure the growth students have made over the year. These test results are only valid if the students apply themselves to the task at hand. more from the Prinicipal's Desk


Smashing Reading Results

Over the past two years, our school has been focussing on improving our reading results. Miss Christofis and her team should be extremely proud of their efforts during this time. One of my roles is to analyse the reading data of our students. I triangulate three sets of data (PAT, On Demand and Teacher Judgements) [...]

Foundation Information Night

On Tuesday night, we held the second of our Foundation Information Nights for 2017 Foundation parents. This year we decided to change the format of the evening and had two of our Foundation students host the evening. Firstly, Oliver, from P-09, welcomed the parents and introduced himself to the audience. He gave a very detailed [...] more Articles

Christmas Concert

The momentum is building. All is in readiness for our school Christmas Concert. Students were working with the sound engineer on Tuesday, recording their backing music. The concert will take place on the school oval. To make the night an enjoyable experience, I am suggesting that parents bring a chair as the ground might be [...]

Foundation Information Night

Next Tuesday 22 November, the second of our Foundation Information nights will take place in the Wentworth Building at 7:30 pm. I am looking forward to meeting our new families and explaining to them the great educational programs on offer at Park Ridge. This year our parents will have the opportunity to visit their child’s [...] more News